​(Sydney) Terrifying photo shows the Indian-born Hindu held as hostage by Muslim gunman

See the man on the right: 


Hostages seen through the window of the cafe in Sydney. Twitter/Stephen Wilson
Ankireddy, who was held hostage with others in Sydney, went to Australia for a project work.

Our Hyderabad correspondent says the techie, Viswanakth Ankireddy, is a is native of Guntur district of AndhraPradesh. Ankireddy went to Australia for a project work. Ankireddy’s father Eswar Reddy said he received information regarding the hostage of his son. Reddy also said union minister Venkaiah Naidu is in touch with him in updating info on his son. —————————– And he is freed by police who stormed the cafe: http://www.usatoday.com/picture-gallery/news/world/2014/12/14/sydney-hostage-situation/20415849/ Free hostages run towards police from a cafe under



And the armed hostage taker is .. no surprises here …: Muslim cleric Sheikh Harun Monis.
  • 50-year-old Monis was granted political asylum in Australia after fleeing his country of origin in 1996, and is currently on bail for a number of violent crimes.
  • Monis first came to the attention of New South Wales police seven years ago, when he sent abusive letters to the families of Australian soldiers who had died while fighting in Afghanistan.
  • He has also been charged with being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife last year while his partner, Amirah Droudis was charged with her murder.  
  • He has recently been charged with over 50 allegations of indecent, sexual assault.
You never know. He might get the Nobel Peace Prize for proving how peaceful Islam is.

Muslim cleric Man Haron Monis arrives, on April 18,
Source: WHN Media Network