25 Future Hindu Priests Train in Saint-Benoit

SAINT-BENOIT, REUNION, FRANCE, June 11, 2017 (Clicanoo, translated from French): It is a first on the island: the Siva Soupramanien Association has created a school, directed by Stephane Ulanganaden Apou, a priest from Saint-Benoit. Devi Vingataredy, 60, is one of 25 students of the newly established school of Hindu priests, created in April at the Siva Soupramanien temple in Saint-Benoit. Secretary and mother, Devi was already singing in the temples. In this new school, she learns the Tamil language and starts studying the sacred texts.

The teaching program of the Siva Soupramanien (Saint-Benoit) temple school lasts 7 years, for 3 hours per week. Sandyavandanam (daily rites dedicated to the Sun), Gayatri (prayers dedicated to the Goddess), Mantras (sacred Sanskrit formulas), Grahapravesam (house blessing), Pranayanam (breath), Mudras (gestures), Jardagam (Knowledge of the stars), Vastu (architecture), the various ceremonies of the stage of life from birth to death, Simandam (protection of the mother in the 7th month of pregnancy), Nama Karanam (First name), Anaprasadam (first solid meal), Dikshai (tonsure), and Kalianam (marriage), are taught in the program.

Source: http://www.hinduismtoday.com/blogs-news/hindu-press-international/25-future-hindu-priests-train-in-saint-benoit/15805.html