Presenting Summer Mela 2017, a Festival of Art and Indian Culture in Rome

ROME, ITALY, June 8, 2017 (Askanews, translated from Italian): The fifth edition of Summer Mela Roma FINDS-India will come to the capital from June 17 to July 5 bringing major performances of Indian culture, music, and dance. The Indian Art and Culture Festival, which FIND Foundation has organized and promoted since 2013 in Rome, Zagarolo and other cities of Italy, takes its name from Mela, which in Sanskrit indicates a gathering, a collective celebration of a particular festivity. Kumbh Mela is perhaps the best known of these events and draws millions of pilgrims to sacred places of the Hindu tradition.

The Summer Mela Festival was born as a festive moment, an invitation to participate and to learn about the culture of India, in its best artistic expressions, both traditional and contemporary. Find India-Europe New Dialogue Foundation, opens the fifth edition of the Festival with a double date – June 17 and June 18 at 9pm – of Bangalore’s most important contemporary dance company Attakkari Center For Movements Arts, which will stage the Bhinna Vinyasa show at the Argentina Theatre in Rome. Subsequent Mela events will focus on Indian classical dance, music, and documentary cinema.