Anti-Army ‘Court Martial’ Web Series Shows Punjabi Hindu Army officer As Casteist, Anti Dalit, Woman Abuser

Even under lockdown, The Anti –India, Anti Hindu lobby is making sure that no stone is left unturned in using Bollywood against Patriotic and Hindu organizations. In the latest web series by Zee 5, such lobby has attempted to create a rift between the Dalit Subedar and caste Hindu officers in Indian Armed forces. The latest web series ‘Court Martial’ projected a Punjabi Hindu Army Major as casteist, Anti Dalit, Woman abuser, drunkard and ill-mannered unprofessional officer. Captain Kapoor is also accused of using defamatory words for his junior officer who is shown as Dalit and forcing the junior officer to pick his son’s shit etc. acts. This is contrary to what Punjabi’s Army officers are in reality. Majority of Punjabi Hindu men are worshippers of Goddess Shakti, respects women dignity, love their family and children’s, drink like gentleman, they are professional towards their duty and are least interested in caste based discriminations; moreover such qualitative traits are more powerful in disciplined Punjabi Hindu’s Army officers.

The viewers of Zee 5 ‘Court Martial’, may not identify the secret ideological message being transmitted from its ‘theme writers’, however the objective is bold and clear – to create a rift of hate between Dalit’s Hindus Army men and other caste Hindu officers. This will help the domestic and international Islamists (Jihadis – both Civilized and Uncivilized) to leverage that divide during war times with Pakistan, Civil riots or coarse frustrated (brainwashed) officers into espionage, instigate killing of senior Army offices by junior low caste officers or sentries. The big goal is to weaken the 1.5 million + Armed forces of India internally by creating a caste divide, under the ongoing ‘Divide & colonize policy’ of ISI, Pakistan, Bollywood, a key weapon, under the multi proxy war machinery arsenal. Zakir Naik, an absconding Islamist mastermind himself said once that Films, Art and Music are ideological weapons and ideological damage and brainwashed minds are more dangerous for any nation than damage cause physically.

 The Islamist’s are now confident of the united Muslim block in India post CAA, NRC, Ram Mandir verdict. The only thing they fear is Police, Paramilitary forces and Indian Army (they very well know how impotent Hindu organizations are when it comes to physical conflict). Police comes under state Govt. and Islamist NGO’s are very closely obliging them in various donation, charity events e.g. in Mumbai, every alternate NGO’s first preference of charity if Police, this to make sure that during riots, police can be influenced and Islamists can butcher maximum Hindus before Army jumps in after few weeks.

But Armed forces can’t be obliged by giving wafers, biscuits, water bottles or shoes socks caps, cash envelops; access to Army units, officers is very restricted. Moreover the Army doesn’t take orders from local state government MLA’s, MP’s or ministers. The Islamists fear that during Civil riots or war time, Army which is not obliged will immediately stop their physical attack on Hindus and properties. Alongside above reason, these domestic and international Islamists hate Indian army because of their control in Kashmir, LOC and other cross border operations.

This limitation has made Islamists and their Hindu brokers (Dalal’s) to launch proxy ideological attack on Indian Army using Art, entertainment industry as a weapon. 80% of this potent and multibillion dollar film industry in India is controlled by few Islamist’s based in Mumbai, Karachi, Dubai, London -‘Masters’. All are very polished, civilized and educated Jihadis composing this high powered group. While this private and closed Jihadi group defines the themes and story write up for ideological brainwashing. These ‘Masters’ work with ‘Slaves’ – local India based associates which includes producers, financers, media, NGO’s, activists, politicians to implement their agenda i.e. product Anti Hindu, Anti India movies, serials, songs and art.

While the ‘Slaves’ – politicians, businessman, media, NGO’s are only concerned about the money, fame, Page 3 pics and photo ops etc. pleasures associated with this industry. The ‘Masters’ are sniper focused on the content (theme) that any serial or movie has. The content has to be Anti-India or Anti-Hindu. The themes are either written or shortlisted to cause maximum ideological damage to target an institution, in this case, Indian Army. Also create doubts and dislike for institution of national respect in pubic minds. By producing such Anti-Indian Army series, the producers, artists and financers have caused a great disrespect to their own guardians, under whose protection they enjoy food, water, sex, free movement and family, friends, professional get together and joy. Though the starting ‘generic disclaimers’ does save production company and all employees, artists from defamatory legal action. Their discreet, anti-national agenda can neither be pardoned, nor ignored by pro India Hindu nationalist intellectuals who now understand each and every move these #BreakIndiaForces make on a daily basis.  

The author, Rahul Chandra Sharma, is a writer and speaker on Hindu Empowerment subjects. He is editor –in-chief of World Hindu News. One can reach him at More info on his profile can be researched at

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