Hindustan -‘Vande Mataram’ A Poetic Evening (Zoom Video-Sunday, 31st May) Register Now!

Hindustan -‘Vande Mataram’ A Poetic Evening (Online -Sunday, 31st May, India 8.30pm) – Register Now

  • Registration: https://rebrand.ly/vande
    To participate in the event, registration is mandatory. Post registration the meeting link and password will be sent to the registered email.

Date: Sunday, 31st May. US CST 10AM, UK 4pm, EU: 5pm, India 8.30pm

Prominent Artists: Dr. R. D. Sharma (India), Anil Joshi (India), Naresh Shandilya (India), Dr. Shailja Saxena Canada), Padmesh Gupt (UK), Dr. Vagish Dinkar (India), Abhinav Shukla (USA), Kamlesh Sharma (India), Kavita Tiwari India), Dr. Kavita V. (USA).

Though globalization has reduced boundaries and associated nationalism, the current Pandemic situation has again highlighted the importance of nation and motherland. No matter where in the world Indians or Indian origin people lives, they always keep an Indian heart and welfare of India is deep rooted in their soul. The very basic foundation of our nation has hard work of our ancestors and sacrifices of our country fellowmen. Hindustan -‘Vande Mataram’ A Poetic Evening is a tribune to that very sacrifice.

  • Organizer: Dr. Kavita Vachaknavee +1 (832) 874-3376
  • Organizer (Technical): Dr. Varun Kharbanda : +1 (319) 471 1889
  • E-mail: vandemataram@hindustanrepublican.org
  • Whatsapp support group: rebrand.ly/vandegroup
  • Presenter: Hindustan Republican Association USA (http://hra-usa.org)
  • Honorary members: Acharya Shree Gaud, Colonel Sunil Agarwal (Dallas), Shri. Devendra Bhatnagar, , Dr. Divyayendu Singh, Anupam Bhatnagar (Houston), Ramesh Nune (Indianapolis)

Source: Hindustan Republican Association USA