Arjun Sampath, founder, Hindhu Makkal Katchi open letter on Anti- Sterlite protest

I write to you regarding the recent mob violence in the Anti- Sterlite protest and the police firing that took place in the Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) district of Tamilnadu. Being a founder leader of “Hindhu Makkal Katchi” – a well known political party of Tamilnadu working on Nationalist and Hinduthva ideologies, Me and My party had been continuously giving a warning note to the Tamilnadu Government, Intelligence department of Tamilnadu Police force and Intelligence bureau of Central Government regarding the Anti National and Naxal ideological organizations behind the Anti – Sterlite protests from the beginning of time. I had been talking regarding this in many of my press conferences and in Television debates. I strongly believe that the complete failure of the Intelligence department was the major reason behind the eruption of such a huge mob violence influenced by Anti National and Naxal groups and as a result of which the police firing occurred. I would also like to bring it to your personal knowledge about the following points on the Thoothukudi Violence.

• Thoothukudi violence is a well planned and a preplanned violence that was completely influenced by the Anti National, Evangelist and Naxal organizations. Evangelist Mohan C. Lazarus ( Founder of Jesus Redeems Ministry) of Tamilnadu was the main influencer of this violence. For the past few months he was very planned influencing the people of Thoothukudi district against the Government of Tamilnadu and the Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri.Narendra Modi and the Central government. He was continuously conducting meetings in the villages of Thoothukudi district in the banner of “Anti – Sterlite” protest meetings. The local churches in the Thoothukudi District helped him in this process. It was also seen that there was a huge fund flow for conducting these meetings. He has also been directly involved in influencing the people to start this protest by letting out a video appeal to christian people and churches in Thoothukudi to protest against sterlite and State-Central Governments.

• A fringe organization named as “Poovulagin Nanbargal” and S. P. Udayakumar – convenor of the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), which is protesting against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant project gathered the violent Mob from the coastal regions of Thoothukudi and the nearby districts like Kanyakumari with the clear motive of causing violence and loss to lives and public and private properties. Both the above mentioned organisations have a clear history of causing violence at various situations and especially during the protest against Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant. Though, A lot of criminal cases have been pending on these organisations and the conveners and organizers of these organisations, the Intellegence department and police department have failed to keep them on check.

• “Separate Tamilnadu” ideological and Naxal ideological organizations like May 17, Naam Tamizhar, Tamizhaga Vaazhvurumai Katchi, Makkal Adhikaaram, Puratchikara Jananayaga Munnani, Purathchikara Maanavar iyakkam worked from the ground level and on social medias to attract people of Thoothukudi district and people from all over Tamilnadu on this protest and bringing a enemity mindset against central government, state government and Tamilnadu Police Department. During the time of violence, the “Meme pages” and social media pages and accounts run by these organizations spread rumours against the government and police, which intensified the violence. The cyber crime department failed to identify these pages and accounts to stop spreading the rumours and violence.

• The violence was very well planned from the Churches. The mob gathering at the “panimalai madha church” in the morning and the church pastors and fathers addressing the gathering is a clear evidence of this. The pastors and father’s who had been leading the march still a particular distance (Still VVD signal) were missing after a certain point. A proper enquiry on this will give a clear picture whether the pastors and father were pre aware of the violence that took place and whether the violence was planned by them.

• “Sathiyam TV” a Tamil television news channel run with the evangelist funds have been continuously telecasting the news against the government and police in a such a way of sensitizing the “Police Firing” issue and spreading the violence all over Tamilnadu.

• The Thoothukudi violence is clear model of “Kashmir Violence” in which the naxals, evangelist and anti national elements made the women, children to lead the march from the front and because of which few women have also been shot dead in the police firing. The protesters have also planned to cut the railway lines, roadways in the upcoming days and take this violence to a huge level.

• The anti national and Naxal elements have also planned to spread the violence to Salem district by influencing the people to protest against the land acquisition for Chennai-Salem Expressway of 274 KM. I have also met the Salem collector smt. Rohini Bhajibhakare and raised a complaint against the motivation of spreading violence in Salem district by the Naxal organizations and strong Naxal ideological influencers like Piyush manush, Valarmathy from Salem district.

I kindly request you to take the above issues into consideration and do the needful. I would also appreciate an opportunity to meet you in person and discuss the above issues.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)