Book “Gujarat Riots: The True Story” published

With the case against Teesta Setalvad, and calling of the prosecution as ‘vindictive’ by the media, the 2002 riots issue will again come in the spotlight.
A book on the 2002 Gujarat riots titled: “Gujarat Riots: The True Story” written by Mr. M D Deshpande has been published by Partridge India publishers, a unit of the leading global publishers, Penguin Global.
Right since 2002, the media, both Indian and global has reported massively anti-BJP, anti-Narendra Modi and anti-RSS and caused tremendous damage to the country, and infuriated many innocent and well-meaning people by its lies on the 2002 Gujarat violence. The BJP and the Sangh Parivar have also suffered massively. There had been a total domination of Leftists all along, on the subject of the 2002 riots in the media and publications. Stark, inflammatory and defamatory lies have been spread with no restraint by them.
Even now, after Modi has become Prime Minister, the truth of the 2002 violence has not been reported by the media. The media has simply abandoned the 2002 issue, as he is the Prime Minister. If tomorrow he loses power, the media will again go back to demonizing him, as it did for more than 12 years from 2002 to 2014. Maybe it will do so even with him as Prime Minister.
Lack of proper answering to media lies resulted in a ban on Narendra Modi to visit USA in 2005. That the ban on Modi visit was reversed was due to changed power equations, not to a correction of the understanding of the 2002 riots.
When Narendra Modi visited USA after becoming Prime Minister, there were some groups in USA who protested his visit. Very recently, a suit against him was dismissed in a US court on the grounds that he, as Head of State has immunity. But the truth of the riots and his real role in controlling the violence was not revealed. The message sent out was “He may be guilty in the 2002 episode but now he enjoys immunity” whereas the message which should have gone out was “He handled the riots very efficiently and demanding action against such an innocent man is serious miscarriage of justice”.
The book on the 2002 Gujarat riots titled: “Gujarat Riots: The True Story” is available for purchase at many retailers such as, B&N, Flipkart, etc. It is available worldwide in various currencies, US dollars, Euros, Pounds, Australian dollars, Rupees, etc, in all forms viz. Paperback, Hardcover and E-book also. A simple search on Google will give many other retailers also. A free preview of the book is also available on
This book can be presented as a precise reply to all charges made against India and Narendra Modi by NGOs, Indian and the foreign media. The E-book is cheaper than the Print Paperback book. The link for the E-book (in Rupees) is
 The facts which surface after reading this book can make tears roll down your cheeks. Many a times it feels that just to target an individual the media can even compromise on a person’s security and how it can stoop down so low in its campaign that even possesses threat to the national security!
A lot has been answered and questioned by the author. The chapter on the lies of Tehelka through its fake ‘sting’ operation of 2007 nails the hard truth about the yellow journalism being practiced in India and how Tehelka indulged in blatant violation of law, and the offender Ashish Khetan went scot-free and further committed similar offences, the latest being Snoop-Gate which was in reality security and not surveillance, and was with the consent and request of the person.
The most amazing part comes when it is revealed that the bias of then Amicus Curiae has been exposed by SIT! Another fact is that some of the authors who have till now written about the Gujarat riots have been questioned by the SIT such as Manoj Mitta, K Subramanyam. The individuals who were involved in fraud have all been exposed by the SIT such as Arjun Modhvadia, Shaktisinh Gohil, Teesta Setalvad, Sanjiv Bhatt, etc, which has been thoroughly exposed in this book.
The complaint of Zakia Jafri has been exposed, it is full of lies, factual errors and bundle of contradictions suppressed by the media. The media cover-up and the actual lies have been exposed in the chapter which gives a thorough study of the SIT report.
The truth of the riots has also been exposed bluntly- the fact that even after Godhra it was not one-sided and Muslims attacked and killed hundreds of Hindus and threw 40,000 Hindus into relief camps out of their homes. The media whitewash of Muslim atrocities and Hindu sufferings has been thoroughly exposed. The role of the government in controlling the violence has also been brought out very comprehensively.
This is an amazing book with factual and well sourced information on the Godhra carnage and Gujarat Riots. You can read portions of the book here This book reveals exactly what happened in the 2002 violence. With meticulous media research, it gives contemporary newspaper reports, official statistics and comprehensive analysis to reveal the full truth of the 2002 riots, and removes many misconceptions. It also gives a special chapter on the findings of the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team. With comprehensively documented arguments, this is like an encyclopedia on the 2002 riots, reveals everything you need to know about the Gujarat violence. There is an exclusive website about the book launched by the publishers