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“Lead us from unreal to real. Lead us from Darkness to the Light. Lead us from the fear of death to the Knowledge of Immortality!”  –Upanishads


You Can Become A Volunteer Hindu Chaplain.  At Last, The Course Is Ready!  Are You?

Learn How To Serve In Temples, Medical, University And Other Chaplaincy Settings!


Hindu University of America South Florida Campus, in conjunction with Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, is pleased to present the first Training Course for American Hindu Leaders. It is one of the two courses required to become a Certified Volunteer Chaplains of the Hindu Faith. 


A Hindu Chaplain affiliated with an institution in an official capacity where there are either patients, residents, inmates, employees or students, is an essential part of the Chaplaincy or the Spiritual and Religious Care Department in the institution and should be directly involved in the provision of appropriate, adequate and timely spiritual and religious care for Hindus, those who consider themselves Hindus and any other individuals when deemed necessary.

The Hindu Chaplain will be involved in a variety of religious, spiritual, educational, administrative and social activities within and outside the institution.

Qualifications of a Hindu Chaplain:

  • The specialized spiritual and religious need of those who are either patients, residents, inmates, employees or students and who consider themselves Hindus must be provided by a qualified Hindu Chaplain officially affiliated with the institution housing these individuals.
  • The introductory certification course will be offered as an online course and students will be able to participate in weekly sessions through our state of the art virtual class software. The course will have 7 weeks of online lectures and reading materials which will be posted on regular basis.
  • Students will be required to submit a 2000 word essay at the end on topic of their choice. The topic should address issues discussed in the course.
  • Those who submit the 2000 word essay within 12 weeks will be given the certification of completion. Others will receive a certification of attendance.


The course starts on Dec 7, 2015. The fee for the instructional program for certification is $300. 


Please Register Online: huasouthflorida.org

For Enquiries Call: 754-444-9912


HUA is working to establish a Masters of Divinity program to train chaplains of Eastern Traditions to serve anywhere that such services are needed. This course is also applicable for graduate college credit.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Source:  World Hindu News (WHN)