Clarion of Hindu Rashtra sounded by devout Hindus at historical Shaniwar Wada

For protection of temples, Hindus need to create mettle in self ! – H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye

H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye

Pune (Maharashtra) : “Hindus need to prepare themselves to protect temples from modern Gazanis. They should generate such mettle in self so as to protect temples and prevent looting of temples’ money. The sparks generated during struggle for establishment of Hindu Dharma will only give rise to Hindu Rashtra,” stated H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye of Sanatan Sanstha while addressing Hindu Dharmajagruti Sabha held at Shaniwar Wada on 18thJanuary 2015 between 5.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh, national Convener of Self-defence training program conducted by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and Shri. Mandar Bedekar (Vaidya), a staunch Hindu activist also addressed the ‘sabha’. Devout Hindus listening to inspiring resplendent speeches of dignitaries raised slogans which resonated in Shaniwar Wada. The ‘sabha’ was attended by more than 3000 devout Hindus.   

The ‘sabha’ was started with lighting of oil lamp by H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye; followed with recitation of ‘Veda-mantras’ by Veda-murty viz. Shri. Prasad Joshi, Shri. Rhushikesh Patil, Shri. Jayant Kavi, Shri. Lakshmikant Nirantar and Shri. Umesh Joshi. Vaidya Mandar Bedekar then released a book titled ‘Sugam Sattvik Jeevan’ published in Marathi by Sanatan Sanstha. Shri. Parag Gokhale, the District Coordinator of HJS for Pune presented before the audience, a report on various activities undertaken by HJS.

From left – Vaidya Mandar Bedekar, Shri. Abhijit Deshmukh and H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye while releasing book titled ‘Sugam Sattvik Jeevan’

H. H. (Kum) Swati Khadye said…

  1. Through Government’s plan of taking over management of religious places, only Hindus’ temples are being taken over by the Government. Why prayer houses of followers of other religions are spared from such ‘take over by Govt’? It has become medium of huge misappropriation of funds. The money donated by devotees in 1 lakh temples in Maharashtra is siphoned off by the rulers.   
  2. Sri Vitthal-Rukmini Temple Committee, Pandharpur has not kept account of money donated by devotees for past so many years and no auditing of accounts has been done. 1200 acres of land donated by devotees is also shown as missing. The Government is claiming that it has spent money on fodder for cows and cattle but it is neither talking about the income earned from them nor income earned out of sale of cows and cattle to butchers.
  3. In the year 2008, when farmers were committing suicide in Maharashtra, Rs. 93 lakhs were spent on the visit of President to Shirdi.
  4. It is necessary to educate people on matters related to Dharma so that they can fight against attacks on Dharma taking place through love jihad, conversions etc.

Young generation needs to study Hindu Dharma ! – Vaidya Mandar Bedekar

Today, cultures like Roman and Greek are no longer existing but Hindu culture is still surviving. Hindu Dharma, which has history of thousands of years, is in danger today and so are we. The lifestyle of Hindus teaches expansive progress of whole society. There are Christian, Jew, Islamic and Buddhists countries in the world; but when we search for Hindu Rashtra using websites, newspapers, books etc., we do not find even one Hindu Rashtra. We consider ourselves as Hindus only when it comes to celebration of Diwali and other festivals; but today’s youth must study Hindu Dharma.  

Righteous Hindu Rashtra will be set up through Dharma-kranti ! – Abhijit Deshmukh

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj established Hindu Rashtra. Peshavas extended their kingdom from Cuttack to Attuck. Let us also establish Hindu Rashtra in this world; however, for fighting against those attacking Dharma, ‘Dharma-kranti’ is necessary. Nowadays, slogans are raised as ‘Bhaag Hindu, Owaisi Aaayaa (Run away Hindu, Owaisai has come)’. Let us now raise slogan from this holy land of Shaniwar Wada that ‘Phaad Diya chhaataa, Hataa Di Chhaayaa, Bhaag Owaisi Hindu Aayaa’. Every person born is a Hindus because he becomes a Christian only after baptism and a Muslim after circumcision.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat