Dead bodies of Yezidi Refugee Children washes on shore

unnamedYezidi refugee children wash on shore.Why is there no outrage ? Have we become robots ? Has the world lost all conscience ? Do Yezidi lives value less compared to Syrian refugees ?
Yezidis are taking the perilous journey by boats daily from Turkey to Greece to escape from all those in the Middle East who who wants to wipe them off the planet. Many are dying daily in the effort. There is no major international organization to help. No nation to give them shelter.

Here is what a Yezidi activist wrote

Why do we do what we do day after day
Why go on another day when life is so hard
Why fight for freedom
Why do we not sleep at night
Why do we get on a little rubber boat and risk death
Why do we walk for miles through fear and darkness
Why do we suffer the cold
Why do we tolerate the hunger in our soul
Why do we wait for the world to hear
We do it for our families
We do it for the ones with little feet so they will not live this life
We do this because we are Yazidi
We are the people of the peacock angel Tawsi Melek


Children of the Sun, the Yezidis represent a civilization of 7000 yrs or more. They have never harmed anybody, lived peacefully, suffered 74 genocides but there is no one to care for them today. 

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Gulie Khalaf
Yezidis International
Treasurer/Board Member


Source: World Hindu News (WHN)

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