World Hindu News To Take Legal Action & Shut Down Hackers, It’s Sponsors



Houston, Texas, USA (Dec 28, 2015): World Hindu News – A service provided by World Hindu News Company condemn the unsuccessful hacking attempt of professional hackers on it’s website WORLDHINDUNEWS.COM. Per our IT & infrastructure director based out of Dallas, Texas, a series of DOS attributed hacking attempts were launched from remote proxy servers based out of Netherlands, Europe.


The attempt resulted in 48 hours of downtime for our world leading Hindu news agency website WORLDHINDUNEWS.COM. No data breach occurred. The work bears sign trail of a professional & expert hacking organization who must have been hired to target & attack World Hindu News IT infrastructure with a malicious intention to disable & impede its media operations.

“ From the large scale magnitude of the web attack and the associated financial expense in bearing launch infra, it points to 3rd party professional hackers with organized infrastructure and not a ‘lone wolf ‘” said the WHN IT director.


World Hindu News Company, a Nevada, US based company who operates & manages World Hindu News Trademark, intellectual property, websites and publishing offices will initiate a legal action against the hackers and its sponsors once the technical investigation is completed by a third party web intelligence company. The technical investigation will yield proxy and source Geo imprints of the hack attempts. Leveraging Geo imprints, the country and registration of the perpetrators will be analyzed and tracked down.


The legal notices will be served via. Our Boston, US based legal & criminal attorney firm to the hacking syndicate and the federal & state jurisdiction from where such syndicate is operating and targeting World Hindu News Company IT assets.


Hacking of companies websites, under Nevada state laws is illegal and punishable under the Federal Public Internet Contract laws and Nevada state Nev. Rev. Stat. § 205.473 to 205.513.


World Hindu News company and it’s IT assets comes under the jurisdiction of United States laws. By launching attempts of hack on our servers, miscreants have made themselves punishable criminally under the USA laws at Nevada, US jurisdiction. Jail term for hacking companies websites under US jurisdiction may range from 5 years – 20 years alongside hefty fines. Company will also write to the federal, state and district law authorities from geographic locations where the hacking organization and their sponsors operates physically or virtually.


World Hindu News service is serving the news and media requirement of Hindus. It operates with a Hindu focused philosophy professionally. If one has an issue with our content or delivery, they should approach us and our office will help them. Attacking our IT assets will never alleviate a problem” said the World Hindu News Company CEO Rahul Chandra from his Tampa, Florida based HQ.

Alongside it’s allied investigation, Company will also reward anyone for providing information on individual or organization involved in such illegal act punishable under US laws. One can email : at or call us at +1 707 706 6643. 

IT infrastructure of World Hindu News span three continents of America, Asia and Europe with distributed and decentralized systems. Professional 3rd party email, marketing and publishing agencies are leveraged for IT assets providing a safe, secured and professional media service.