Dissolve ‘Sahitya Academy’ which is full of anti-nationals : Arjun Sampath

Shri. Arjun Sampath

New Delhi : The present anti-national Sahitya Academy Committee should be dissolved and new Committee should be formed with patriotic members; all facilities and grants extended to literati who have returned awards conferred by the Government should be withdrawn, is the demand made by Shri. Arjun Sampath, the President, Hindu Makkal Kachhi (Hindu Janata Dal), Tamil Nadu through a memorandum submitted to Prime Minister Modi. Few writers are resigning from the Sahitya Academy to pressurize BJP Government in the name of killings of Dabholkar, Com. Pansare and Kalburgi. Shri. Arjun Sampath has therefore, made such demand in this background.

In the letter sent to PM Modi, Shri. Sampath has stated that PM Modi has taken India to a new height in the world since taking over as Prime Minister. Progress has been achieved in Information Technology so also cultural fields. Few anti-national leftists and atheists however, want to malign the image of PM and India and they are returning ‘Sahitya’ awards. The members of Sahitya Academy were appointed in the corrupt regime of Congress; therefore, there are more of such members who are without patriotic sentiments. During Congress regime, hand of one writer was cut off and his wife committed suicide because of ‘fatwa’ issued against them. Taslima Nasreen, a writer from Bangla Desh, who has exposed pitiable condition of Hindus from Bangla Desh through her books, was prohibited from coming to India but these so-called writers did not say a word about the same. Writers with leftist ideology are envious of PM Modi visiting rightist countries like Germany, England and USA etc. and these writers, on the basis of few incidents, have started making noise about getting their freedom of expression throttled. Hindu Makkal Kachhi therefore, demands that Prime Minister should conduct inquiry into the matter considering national interest.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat