Encouraging response from devout Hindus for State-level Convention held at Odisha

Balanced thinking is necessary for accomplishing the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra ! – Shri. Purushottam Sharma

From left – Shri. Pradip Khemka felicittaing ‘Gou-rakshak’ Shri. Anand Kaushik Sharma

Beermitrapur (Odisha) : The mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra is very difficult and there is need to think rationally and balanced act rather than being emotional; especially on the part of youth. They should act keeping their emotions under control, said Shri. Purushottam Sharma in his address on the topic of ‘Effective Hindu unification’, during the first session of State-level Convention organized by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). Shri. Pradip Khemka of Sanatan Sanstha later gave guidance on importance of acquiring ‘Brahma-Tej’ by undertaking spiritual practice for establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

HJS organized State-level Hindu Convention at Beermitrapur in Rourkela District of Odisha State with the assistance of various pro-Hindu organizations and devout Hindus. Devout Hindus participated in this Convention in large number. They showed their willingness to strive hard for establishment of Hindu Rashtra. The Convention was started with lighting of lamp by devout Hindus viz. Shri. Purushottam Sharma, Shri. Devendra Tiwari, Sanatan Sanstha’s Shri. Pradip Khemka and Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the all-India spokesperson of HJS.

Local ‘Gou-rakshaks (protector of cow)’ expressed their views on protection of cows during the second session of this Convention. Advocates Bibhuti Bhushan Palei, Brajesh Mishra and Shri. Ramesh Shinde gave them guidance on legal problems faced in protection of cows and other related problems so also clarified doubts of participating devout Hindus.

During the third session of the Convention, information was given on attacks on Hindu Dharma taking place using various modes. Shri. Chittaranjan Sural of HJS explained about conspiracy of love jihad hatched by fanatics to deceive Hindu young women and solution on the problem. Later, a VCD was shown to the participants on attacks on Hindu Dharma. Shri. Prakash Malondkar, the State Coordinator of HJS for Odisha State spoke about preparations required to be made for ‘Dharma-kranti’ to establish Hindu Rashtra.

Shri. Anand Sharma resolved to continue his mission of protection of cows despite undergoing imprisonment. Such devout Hindus are true strength of Hindu Dharma !

Shri. Anand Kaushik Sharma, a local ‘Gou-rakshak’ had to undergo imprisonment while carrying out activities related to protection of cows; still he expressed his resolve to continue his mission. He was felicitated at the hands of Shri. Pradip Khemka of Sanatan Sanstha.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat