Fanatic section of ruling party is attacking Hindus in Bangladesh


The unfortunate involvement of ruling Awami League is proved for attacks on minority Hindus in Bangladesh. Member and Ex-Members of Awami League were involved in Nasirnagar-Brahmanbaria attacks.

Former chairman of Nasirnagar union belonging to Awami League – Abdul Ahad arrested over attacks on Nasirnagar Hindus in Bangladesh.

Atul Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | Dec 27, 2016:: Bangladesh Police today arrested a former joint secretary of Brahmanbaria’s Nasirnagar upazila unit Awami League in connection with the attacks on homes and temples of Hindu community in the upazila. Awami League is the ruling party of Bangladesh.

The arrestee is identified as Abdul Ahad, 50, also former chairman of Nasirnagar union, Abu Zafar, officer-in-charge of Nasirnagar Police Station, as derived from a press brief.

Arrested Abdul Ahad is still a member of Awami League as stated by the local people though he has been showing much interest in the activities of Islamist organisations like Hefajat-e-Islam  and Ahale Sunnatwal Jamat.

The Jamat Shivir, Hefajat-e-Islam  and Ahale Sunnatwal Jamat took the main charge to attack the Hindus of Nasirnagar in Brahmanbaria to frighten and drive out them from the locality under a provocation out of a facebook posting.

The arrest of Ahad and earlier inputs from various reports involving Awami League leaders and members+ prove that Nasirnagar-Brahmanbaria attacks on Hindus was a conspiracy of some sections of ruling party of Bangladesh as a process of annihilation of Minority Hindus in a pro-Islamist rule there.

The law enforcer arrested Ahad from his house in Ghospara of Sadar upazila around 5:00 pm in connection with the attacks on Hindus of Nasirnagar on October 30, the police official said.

A group of religious zealots carried out a synchronised attack on the Hindus in Brahmanbaria’s Nasirnagar upazila+, on October 30 vandalising around 100 homes and at least five temples and looting valuables over a Facebook post “hurting Muslims’ sentiment”.

The attack was perpetrated upon the minority Hindus during their festival of Diwali. Many Hindu houses was torched and Hindu women were molested in the case of Nasirnagar mayhem.

The Muslim attackers beat up over 100 people of the minority Hindu community of fishermen and backward class in a very Jihadi fashion. The Nasirnagar-Brahmanbaria Jihadi attacks on Hindus stretched upto 4th Nov for the indulgence of BD Police with the indulgence of ruling Awami League+.


Afterward it was divulged by the police that the accused Hindu Rasraj Das did not post the ‘superimposed picture of Kaba with a picture of Lord Shiva, a Hindu deity’+ at all, but another ex Awami League leader Faruk Mia posted that picture through the facebook accout of Rasraj to run a mayhem on Hindus very barbarically.

Anybody may doubt or prove the involvement of ruling parties in the attacks on minority Hindu-Buddhist-Christian people in Bangladesh from various unfortunate happenings there; but still the minority people obviously aspire the positive steps from the BD PM Sheikh Hasina and the Supreme Leaders of ruling Awami League too, only to ensure and protect the lives and rights vulnerable people there through an stringent alienation of fanatic people from the ruling party with immediate effect.

__Input from Agencies.