Hindu council worried over moves to amend conversion bill, Dr Ramesh Kumar

MITHI: Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has expressed serious concern over reports moves to amend to or abrogate the Sindh Criminal Law (Protection of Minorities) Bill, 2015, and warned if it was done under pressure of ‘extremist religious parties’ this would add to deepen the sense of insecurity among non-Muslims.

He cautioned that Pakistan might face isolation on international level if the bill was abrogated as the legislation had addressed growing complaints against increasing incidents of abduction and forced conversion of underage minor Hindu girls.

Dr Vankwani, who is also an MNA of PML-N, said in a statement issued on Sunday that they were not against the conversion of religion as a result of deep study or preaching but their concerns were linked to forced conversions only. “Why only underage Hindu girls in Sindh are changing religion,” he said.

He termed protest of religious parties against the law unjustified and said: “I am inviting all honorable leaders of religious parliamentary parties to visit Sindh to observe ground facts to see for themselves how the name of a peaceful religion is being exploited by some extremist elements for their personal designs, and due to this, sentiments of non-Muslims are continuously getting hurt.”

He said the situation was causing outrage and trauma among non-Muslim population.

Source: http://en.qudrat.com.pk/pakistan/26-12-2016/15410/