Follow orders of High Court and ban reading of ‘namaz’ at public places, demand Hindus

Rashtriya Hindu Andolan at Ghatkopar


Demand to take action against supporters of Yakub

Ghatkopar : As per the orders issued by Mumbai  High Court, roads are meant only for traffic and if celebrating festivals is not going to be allowed; reading of ‘namaz’ on roads, railway platforms should be banned. People supporting anti-national Yakub, responsible for death of hundreds of innocent people, should be punished for treason and for going against judicial system of this country. The above demands were made during demonstrations held in front of ‘Neela –Yoga’ Square Mall, Ghatkopar (E) on 9thAugust 2015 from 5. 00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. under the aegis of Rashtriya Hindu Andolan. A representation was submitted to the Central Government on this occasion. Representatives and activists of several pro-Hindu organizations joined the demonstrations viz. ‘Shiva-pratishthan Hindustan’, ‘Brahman Ekata Seva Samiti’, Bajarang Dal, Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti besides devout Hindus.

Views expressed by dignitaries

File cases of treason against more than 800 people who wrote letters opposing Yakub Memon’s hanging – Shri. Akhilesh Tiwari, Brahmin Ekata Seva Samiti

Cases should be filed against elected representatives, advocates journalists, film actors and producers etc. who supported Yakub Memon responsible for killing of 257 innocent people in bomb blasts at Mumbai. How long are Hindus going to tolerate such terrorists’ attacks in India along with Mumbai ? How long are our soldiers going to be martyrs ? Hindus should now wake up from their prolonged slumber and send anti-national traitors to jail. Organizations which are planning to hold programs like ‘Shaan-e-Pakistan’ are anti-national organizations.

Every Hindu should be ready for protection of this country – Shri. Pravin Bhosale, ‘Shiv-pratishthan Hindustan’

If terrorism has no religion, why are there attacks on Hindus’ Amarnath pilgrimage ? Few shameless leaders, media and advocates opposed to Yakub’s hanging because their family members did not die in bomb blasts. Media is responsible for giving lot of publicity to Yakub Memon. Few leaders are demoralizing police, restrictions are imposed on them. Hindus should not therefore, rely on such police and should get ready to defend own country.

Hindus should feel enraged against anti-nationals – Dr. Uday Dhuri, spokesperson of HJS for Mumbai

Advocates like Prashant Bhushan, who get fanatics acquitted, exhibit mentality to separate Kashmir from Bharat and support Yakub, are anti-nationals.10,000 people joining funeral of Yakub Memon is like their committing treason. Who had sent these 10,000 people ? Who are giving them so much publicity; why are police turning blind eye towards them; should be investigated. Hindus need to get enraged against anti-nationals.

Ghatkopar police try to get information about the demonstrations

1. Dr. Uday Dhuri of HJS was coming to the venue for joining demonstrations at Ghatkopar when 2 policemen stopped him and asked whether such demonstrations were  also proposed to be held at any other place; who were their leaders, whether Dr. Dhuri was going to join etc. Dr. Dhuri said, “I will give you my name so also names of leaders but first you answer my question. Do you have guts to ask name to even one person among those 10,000 people who supported Yakub ? I am a vigilant Hindu and will participate in demonstrations.

2. Local police using their contacts, were trying to gather information whether such demonstrations were proposed at any other place besides Ghatkopar.


  1. People visiting Neel-Yoga Mall for movie or walking on railway ‘sky-walk’ were stopping to see and listen to speeches given during demonstrations.
  2. Local police and railway police were talking in favour of such demonstrations in suppressed voice.
  3. Few citizens spontaneously took part in signature drive and raised different slogans filling the area with resonance.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat