Forget internal differences and contribute for Hindu Rashtra : Pujya Divya Jeevandas Maharaj

Pujya Divya Jeevandas Maharaj_600

God has taken many incarnations in this holy land of Bharat for establishing righteousness by eradicating unrighteousness. Incarnations of Shriram and Shrikrushna had guided people on supremacy of such incarnations in their respective Eras, for increasing faith of devotees; therefore, their followers should not feel any differences while worshiping them. We have come together for revival of Hindu Dharma and its upliftment. As such, we all should contribute to this mission, was the appeal made by ‘Pujya’ Divya Jeevandas Maharaj, who has come from Kanyakumari for the ‘Adhiveshan’, while guiding participants.

‘Pujya’ Maharaj said on love jihad, “Muslim man gets 1000 pounds in England if he marries a Hindu woman. He is given 2000 pounds if a male child is born to them and 3000 pounds if he divorces the woman. This is what is taught in the madrasas in that country and this information was given to me 17 years back; so Muslims have been planning such things since a very long time. Extensive attempts are being made for elimination of ‘Hindutva’. Hindus also need to devise action plan for eradication of unrighteousness and re-establishment of Hindu Dharma, for giving apt reply to strategies of Muslims.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti