The dire state of Hindus in Kerala

hinduismKerala, also known as God’s Own Country, is the land reclaimed from sea by Parashuram by throwing his axe across the ocean, a holy land that adorns the lotus feet of Bhaarat Matha, a land sanctified by the touch of Shri Shriram’s feet, that of Sabarigiri, the abode of Shri Ayyappa. Kerala is the birth place of Kalari Payattu (the martial arts of Kerala), Kathakali, a dance form that follows the principles of Natya Shastra, boat races, onam celebrations, and thiruvathira. Kerala also served as the entry point for foreigners to the great nation of Bhaarat. One the other hand, one should also not forget that when the entire nation is awakening and gearing up for the formation of a Hindu Rashtra, the 2 crores of Hindu namesakes in Kerala have failed to produce even a single MP or MLA believing in Hindutva.

We are now reaping the effects of not following the advices our saints and social reformers and instead adopting the western culture. Due to the Portuguese invasion in the 16th century, missionary work and large scale conversions took place and churches came up in every village in Kerala. During this time, the bhakti movement was established in Kerala by Thunjath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, Melpathoor Narayana Bhattathirippad, and Poonthanam, and laid the foundation for Malyalam language, literature, and culture. But there was no one to carry their work forward. The missionaries took charge of the education, language, and culture of Kerala. They rewrote Kerala’s history, redefined Kerala’s culture, and started projecting Hinduism as superstitious. The fact that caste system was very strongly adhered to at that time was an advantage to them.

Towards the end of the 19th century, many reformers of Hinduism came to fore, of which the prominent ones were Shri NarayanaGuru, Chattambi Swamikal, Ayyankali, Brahmananda Shivayogi, Aagamananda Swami, Mannathu Padmanabhan, Pandit Karuppan, Kumaranashan, K. Kelappan, and T.K. Madhavan. Strictly adhering to the principles of Sanatana Dharma, these reformers were able to unite Hindus in many ways and contain conversion to a certain degree. Unfortunately, after the demise of these leaders, the followers have not been successful in guiding and leading the Hindus of Kerala and this led to the creation of various caste organisations in Kerala.

All this paved way for the spreading of the revolutionary communist ideology in Kerala. Meanwhile, conversions in Kerala by Christian missionaries continued unabated. Using new tactics, the missionaries achieved success on a very large scale. Muslim religious heads also took advantage of this situation and started converting, asserting their political presence, and aided terrorism in the state. The Hindus of Kerala have lost it to other on the social, economic, and political fronts and are reduced to a powerless community.

The demographic balance of Kerala has been completely disrupted. During the last 150 years, the southern districts of Kerala have become Christian majority whereas the northern districts of Kerala have become Muslim majority. The population of Hindus has reduced drastically. Whereas Christians are increasing their numbers through conversions, Muslim are doing it by increasing their birth rate. Minority vote banks have been consciously created in Kerala through this enabling them to negotiate for a better education, economic status, and higher standard of life than Hindus. A new social imbalance in Kerala has been created with minority capitalists and majority labour class.

When one looks at the following ministries in Kerala, i.e., education, finance, revenue, industries, public works, for the last 40 years, these have been handled only by the so-called minorities. All the important decisions taken by these ministries are actually taken in the Muslim league offices and churches. Huge quantities of foreign funds and employment opportunities are available for the minorities here. In addition to this, the people close to these politicians are traitors making crores of rupees by indulging in gold smuggling, counterfeit currencies, and illegal drugs and are buying huge chunks of land from Hindus using this money.

A Hindu, struggling to build even a small temple is made to think about the necessarily or unnecessarily built huge worship centres of other religions that reflect the money spent on them. These make him think about the financial status of the religions.

When the constituencies were re-made on the basis on population, the Muslim League and Kerala Congress appointed more MLAs to establish their majority in the Goverment. Kerala has become the Brain behind the Islamic Terrorist Activities that is very active in the Border states of Bharat like Kashmir, Assam, West Bengal. Kerala has become the base and shelter for those who carry on bomb explosions paralysing the major cities of Bharat, communal riots that hinder our development, drug mafia that attacks the social sense and culture of our people. The ISIS terrorists are secretly working here amongst the Muslim youngsters.

In 1921, Mouplah movement happened in Kerala in the name of freedom fight. The ‘Mouplah movement’ was actually a ‘Wipeout Hindus’ Movement that butchered thousands of Hindus and converted the remaining Hindus in the whole Malabar area. The Islamic organisations and parties namely PFI, NDF, J-e-I, Solidarity Welfare Party etc. with the support of Muslim League is planning to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this movement that is going to come in year 2021. The preparations of mass scale massacre to reduce the population of Hindus from 52% to 30% are going on in the State. In short, today Kerala is sleeping ‘Peacefully’ on top of a time bomb named ‘Islamic Terrorism’.

How can we resolve this problem ? We need to seriously discuss about how to protect the remaining Hindus. It is not the problem of the Hindus in Kerala. The North of Kashmir and South of Kerala are only their initial targets but actual planning targets the whole world. The time has come to implement what Shri Krishna has advised. We need to educate the remaining Hindus about Dharma and inculcate pride about Dharma in them. We need to make every Hindu a good sadhak and for that we need to work in every Taluka. We have the ideal of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in front of us, who was both an evolved spiritual person as well as a warrior who fought of establishing Hindu Swaraj.

We have Bhagavat Geeta told by Shri Krushna to Arjuna who had surrendered his weapons. Let all the semetic religions become offerings in the Yadnya of Knowledge that comes through Vedas. Let all the the darkness be removed. Let the day on which the whole world will accept the holy Yadnyaprasad of Hindu Dharma come soon.

Let the Grace of Jagadeeswara be showered on all those working for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

Presentation prepared by Shri. P. T. Raju, Kerala

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti