GHHF Requesting to Chant Chapter 12 on Gita Jayanthi Day November 30

[GHHF] Requesting to Chant Chapter 12 on
Gita Jayanthi Day November 30

This year Bhagavad Gita Jayanti is coming on 30th November.  We are requesting all Hindu and also students and devotee of Bhagavad Gita across the world to chant 12th Chapter on 30thNovember 2017 at a time across the world.  We will be doing in Bharat at 6 PM.  Across the world time table is given in the attachment.  We are requesting all of you to do it at your home, temple or community place in a group together or individually.  For Australia, New Zealand and Fiji it will be odd time. If they can do on the same time, it will be much appreciated otherwise I am requesting them to chant Geeta as per their convenience. 

Pleas find out time in your city that would match Bharat’s Time of 6:00pm and chant. Let Bhagavad Gita awaken the world with peace and prosperity.

 Yours in Dharma

Source: GHHF