You’re invited to TALK: “Defense of Punyabhoomi Bharat (Dec 2, 2017)

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Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CST)

Hilton Garden Inn Houston IAH
15400 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
San Jacinto Room
Houston, TX 77032

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About the Talk:
Bharatvarsha (popularly known as India) is the only homeland for the Hindus. It is not merely a country as a real-estate. Enriched by the tapobala of the Rishis, and nurtured by the blood of its warriors, India is the home of spiritual pioneers. Dotted by the sacred temples, rivers, and mountains it is a Punyabhoomi for the global Hindu community. Traversing the centuries of vicious invasions and rapacious colonization, it still retained its Hindu character. Yet there are new forces on the horizon that can undo the millennia of struggle for freedom and survival. The global Hindu community must rise to the defense of its only homeland.
A grass-roots leader will share his activist experiences on the task of saving the Hindu homeland.
About the Speaker:
Dr Omendra Ratnu from Jaipur is an ENT surgeon who runs his own hospital. He runs an NGO Nimittekam, with the main purpose of helping displaced Hindu refugees from Pakistan. Issues of Hindu survival and conflict with violent faiths are his core concerns for which he roams around the world to raise funds and awareness. He is also a singer, composer, writer, Geeta communicator , and a ground activist for Hindu causes . He has released a bhajan Album composed and sung by him.
Further Info and Contact:
Ashish Dabral (832) 715-0658
Achalesh Amar (713) 357-8216
Pramod Kumar (832) 795-9495
Rajiv Varma (832) 736-5643

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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)