Govt to facilitate Hindu pilgrims visiting Hinglaj Temple

govt-to-facilitate-hindu-pilgrims-visiting-hinglaj-temple-1419840238-4426KARACHI – Government to facilitate Pakistan’s Hindu community in realising their religious obligations would soon develop a water reservoir, installed with treatment plant, near Hinglaj Mata Mandir, said, Pakistan Evacuee Property Trust Board Chairman Siddiqul Farooq.

He was talking to journalists during his visit to one of the most sacred sites for Hindus across the world, the Hinglaj Temple, located in the valley of Hingol, Balochistan, at a distance of four hours drive from Karachi. He said that provision for round the clock availability of potable water would be materialised in minimum possible time for the caretakers and pilgrims visiting the site. He said that his visit to the temple, considered to be one of the top most sacred sites, among the five identified holy places for Hindus in the world, was in compliance to government commitment to ensure proper care of holy places of the minority communities.

“I was told by care takers as well as visitors that besides shortage of sweet water they also wanted adequate security against wildlife as well as certain unscrupulous elements,” he said. About security issue, he said that since it falls under the purview of the Balochistan government therefore Chief Minister Abdul Maalik would be urgently approached to address the issue. Protection of wildlife is of equal importance and so is the public life and property, he commented mentioning that an updated strategy as pursued in other parts of the world would be followed.

“Provincial government would definitely ensure fool proof security for the pilgrims,” he said in reply to a question. He said that Pakistan is home to two of the most sacred sites for Hindus and this also included Kartas Raj in Punjab besides the Hinglaj Temple. “It is our obligation to protect and take care of these sites and show the world as how all Pakistanis are treated equally and their religious rights are also respected and protected,” he said.

Source: Daily Times