Boycott PK for hearting Hindu Sentiments : PK team creates havoc against Sudarshan Channel

Following news is received from Sudarshan Channel that is based on the program Bindaas Bol which is exposing anti-Hindu and anti-national agenda of PK movie !

Amir Khan and his team has threatened Sudarshan Channel’s president Shri. Suresh Chavhanke to stop telecasting Anti-Hindu movie PK’s videos. Needless to say, that the movie ran into controversy as it insults Hindu deities and Hindu Dharma on the whole. Upon that, it also promotes Love Jihad and anti-national agenda. Sudarshan Channel has been exposing this agenda of PK movie through its popular program “ Bindaas Bol”. In its attempt to lucidly show the denigration, Bindaas Bol telecasted the excerpts of this anti-Hindu movie.

Due to this, recently Disney TV’s Siddharth Roy Kapoor (Vidya Balan’s husband) called Shri. Suresh Chavhanke. Latter couldn’t take up the phone, hence Siddharth messaged Chavhanke and asked him to call urgently. As Shri. Chavhanke didn’t called, a second text message arrived on behalf of Amir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani and Vinod Chopda. As-it-is message is pasted below :

“Your channel Sudarshan TV has illegally telecast our film PK last night and we have heard you plan to do so again today. This is completely unacceptable and on behalf of Aamir Khan, Raju Hirani and Vinod Chopra, I ask you to desist from screening the movie on your channel with immediate effect.”

Another message received by Shri. Chavhanke : “It is supposed to be telecast at 11.30am today. Please ensure it does not happen.”

Devout Hindu Shri. Chavhanke answered : “Jai hind ! As a film artist if you have the right to express, then as a journalist, I also have the same !! Mai aap Ko aap ka paksh rakhane ka mouka deta hu. Aap Apane bat Ko rakhiye. Jitne der/ ghante aap Apane bat Ko rakhana chahe Rakhe. Lekin Aapne SMS kiya our Maine mere bhagawano Ke apaman Ki ladhai chod di yesa to nhi hoga !!! Vande Mataram !”

(Meaning of italic Hindi text in English : “I will give you the opportunity you to keep your stand. You make take as much time as you wish to. But remember, your SMS cannot compel me to stop my protest against denigration of my revered Hindu Gods. Vande Mataram !!”

A woman named Rohini from Disney TV called at the Sudarshan Channel’s office and threatened saying that, “Tell Sudarshan ji that, we order you to stop telecasting the videos of the movie, otherwise it will compel us to file FIR against you.”

?As it was Sunday, the office boy took up the call. After hearing threatening message by Rohini, the office boy firmly said, “Madam, no need to convey your message to Suresh ji. I myself say that the program will happen at any cost. Whatever you wish to do, you can do !”?

(Hindu Janajagruti Samiti congratulates Sudarshan TV’s office boy, who is also a devout Hindu, for showing such pride and fearlessness for Hindu Dharma ! – Editor)

Now if PK movie’s team is creating havoc against  Sudarshan TV, it is the duty of all devout Hindus to stand up and support Sudarshan TV and also create more and more awareness in Hindus regarding anti-Hindu and anti-national agenda of PK movie team. Let’s unite and #BoycottPK !

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti