Helping Nepali Earthquake Victims – A suggested list of international Hindu NGOs for NRI Hindus


Some NRI/Hindu friends living outside Bharat have asked me how they can donate to serve their Nepali brothers and sisters in distress.

If your friends/relatives living outside Bharat would also like to help the Nepali earthquake victims, here is a suggested list that you can share with them.

Kindly feel free to choose any one from the following Hindu international service-organizations (which are raising funds and providing relief work,
food, clothing, medicine or supplies to thousands of Nepali victims)….
You can see some of their ongoing relief photos and reports below:

*1) Sewa International UK: *

*2) Sewa International USA: *

*3) Sewa International Canada: *

*4) VHP-America:*

*5) Ekal Vidyalaya USA: *

*6) ISKCON’s sister organization: Food For Life (Global) USA:*

*7) Art of Living’s sister organization (IAHV) – US, UK etc :*


Courtesy – Ravi R, Boston, USA

Source: WHN Media Network