‘Hindu Era Begins’: An Interview with Jay Shah – Indo American Geo Political Analyst

Jay Shah

 Jay Shah is a prominent US based Hindu activist and intellectual. He has been in US  since 14 years and has written tens of articles and publications on Hindus, Hinduism and global Hindu movement primarily focused on geopolitical aspects. Previously he has been a treasurer of Hindu Congress of America (HMSA). He was born and raised in Gujarat and holds science degree in Industrial Chemistry. He is based out of Texas.


By Rahul Chandra | 05-24-2014 | Houston, TX, USA

Why Narendra Modi led NDA Govt. is a new era for Hindus?

This is the first right of the right of the center Govt. in the history of independent India. This is the opportunity to undo the failed Nehruvian socialist model. And it’s a time for Hindus to be assertive of the self and their rights in their own country. Most of the academic, social institutions in our motherland are colonized by leftist ideology. They have always painted Indic and Dharmic philosophy from extremist point of view which is totally flawed. This is the time to rebuilt India with its real values from within. Outset any kind of socialist western influence and Narendra Modi should make sure that we don’t loose this opportunity that has come after sixty long years. The process is long but beginning has to me made.

What’s your view on recent Indian election?

Most importantly – Muslim veto have become irrelevant in 2014 Indian elections.


How can you say “Muslim veto have become irrelevant in Indian democracy” ?

Out of total Muslim votes polled. Only 9% voted for Narendra Modi. It was believed before there were 40 constituencies were there in India where Muslim vote mattered and there was a perception that one can’t win without Muslim votes, this is what we were we’re made to believe. In spite of that what secular parties were taking about Muslim block. Narendra Modi victory proved that Muslim veto is irrelevant in Indian democracy.  

What made Hindu veto united for Narendra Modi? 

What helped Narendra Modi is vote of youth, importantly the first time voters. Youth and women votes were the turning point for this election. This made him victorious. Congress was not able to harp on youth and women votes. 2014 Lok Sabha election was a vote for Hinduism and it’s cultural and traditions values. For 1000 of years Hindus respected all kind of faiths, this vote is for true Hinduism where Narendra Modi message for inclusiveness was well received.

What should be the first three year policy for Narendra Modi Govt.?

Development and focus on double digit grown. Investigation of all scams against UPA Govt. Rigorous investigation of all scams and bringing culprits to justice. Our defense policy should be offensive. It doesn’t mean that we become war mongers. It means aggressive posture. Message is defense policy should be more assertive. Foreign policy is continuous process.


What should be Narendra Modi govt. policy for Naxalite (Communist guerrilla groups) problem?

Naxal problem is basically an economic problem. It’s a social problem. It’s later become a law and order problem the problem roots lay on social inequities and injustices. Thus address their need.  Solution is economic and social. Law and order comes later.


What should be the policy on JK article 370?

370 is a constitutional matter. Rehabilitate Kashmiri Hindus and ensure their safety.


Why prominent Hindu social cultural organizations supported Modi during 2014 national elections?

Development issue. Modi delivers.  He can bring hope to Billion+ people and future generations. Youths are looking for job. They are looking for strategy. Modi has solution to this requirement. That why Hindu org have hope in Modi leadership.

 Why Muslim ‘Mullahs’ were vehemently against Narendra Modi?

 They have been saying this since long. Not only Mullahs but ‘pseudo secular’ people. People like academicians like Amartya Sen said wrong. Modi proved everyone wrong.

Why mainstream Indian and selective western media has been constantly being biased against Modi? 

Because Modi did not comply with ideology mainstream Indian media followed.

 What’s the ideology of mainstream Indian media?

Liberal pseudo secular, minority appeasement, Marxist. That’s not positive secularism.  Modi victory has demystified the myth that mainstream media is voice of people. If it would have been voice of people results would have been contrary. Modi historic victory implies that Indian mainstream media don’t represent voice of people.


How Modi should deal with radical Islamist leader like Azam Khan and Akbaruddin Owaisi? 

They should be tried for treason. Azam Khan for his anti-Indian military remarks and Akbaruddin Owaisi for his anti Hindu remarks and disturbing social harmony.  

What’s you message for youth to empower Modi Govt.?

For long term sustainability, the young people should continue with positive development of county. Economic and social development. Modi has a vision. help him. For the first time we have a prime minster who is a real visionary, who has a plan, who is farsighted. Help him to help you.


Why Christian conversions should stop in India?

India is a secular country where everyone has right to practice his belief. Proselytization has no place in India. Proselytization and secularism don’t go together.


What should be the policy for Pakistani terror establishment?

You can’t talk in the noise of bomb blast and machine guns. You voice will be not be heard under the notice of bomb blasts, terror attacks and machine guns.

What should be the foreign policy of Modi Govt. for USA?

One has to be diplomatic and realists. America is superpower. We need support of us to counter Pakistani and Chinese threat. National interest preceded personal interest or whatsoever ever.Our policy for us should be based on national interest.

Many US based leftist, Islamist and evangelist org. vehemently led sustained campaign against Modi and India since 2002. Do you think such groups influence US foreign policy for Modi?

US president Honorable Barack Obama himself has invited Modi to White House. This proves that such groups have no significance in this new era. with Modi as Indian PM.



Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra is a member of World Hindu News editorial board and a freelancer journalist. For more than a decade, he has been reporting, developing and publishing news & press releases for US and Indian Hindu organizations. Previously he has been an editor at World Hindu Council of America (VHPA) quarterly publication – Hindu Newsletter and Hindu Digest based out of Washington, DC. He has also been a media and PR coordinator for Hindu Congress of America (HMSA) at Texas in 2011. His interests include Hindu philosophies, Hindu human rights and Hindu social & political empowerment related journalism. He has also reported and published news on plight of Pakistani Hindu refugee in India and Bhutanese Hindu refugees in US. You can contact him for interview opportunities at rahul.chandra@worldhindunews.com


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