Hindu experience for Haverhill pupils

Two of the Burton End Primary Academy pupils during their visit to a Hindu temple ANL-141106-141328005

Students from Burton End Primary School visited Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu Temple near Watford recently.

Students from Burton End Primary School visited Bhaktivedanta Manor Hindu Temple near Watford recently.

The trip formed part of their topic on India and helped students to learn about the beliefs and customs of the Hindu faith.

Students were treated to a range of activities, starting with a tour of the temple.

They visited the greenhouses where they grow the Tulsi or Holy Basil plants to make prayer beads, the George Harrison Memorial Garden, where they found inspirational lyrics from his songs dotted around the garden and finally they took a ride on a cart, pulled by two enormous oxen, to visit the temple’s very own dairy and learn about why cows are so important to Hindus.

After the tour the children were able to visit the temple itself.

After removing their shoes, they waited in a beautifully decorated room for the teacher Indriyesha.

He told students all about Hinduism; about the customs, festivals and about some of the Gods and Goddesses.

Some of the students were dressed up as the “Trimurti”, the three main Gods and their wives.

Students used the opportunity to dress up as princesses in saris or as Hindu warriors. They then celebrated Arti, Hindu worship, in the shrine room.

Following Arti students were treated to a traditional Indian lunch, including pumpkin curry, basmati rice and chapatti bread.

Joni André, year three student, was alive with praise after the trip, she said: “It was a brilliant day.

“We learned lots about the Hindu faith and their customs. Some things are very different, like keeping Bulls as pets.

“It was nice to try the food, which was very different, and I also really enjoyed having my face painted!”

The trip was organised by year three teacher, Lucy Welch, who was pleased with the success: “This is a fantastic way for students to learn about the Hindu faith.

“It allows them first hand experience and leaves them with lasting memories. I know these students will remember the day for a long time to come.”

Source: haverhill echo