Hindu Memorial Day to highlight atrocities on Hindu populace in India


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Hindu Memorial Day to highlight atrocities on Hindu populace in India


Houston, TX (August 14th, 2015) – The fifth Hindu Memorial Day was held on August 15th, 2015 at the O.P.Jindal center in India House, Houston, TX. Hindu Memorial Day is an annual day organized by the Hindu Mahasabha of America in remembrance of the freedom struggle and the carnage that ensued after independence.The event this year was a great success and the attendance was largest to date.


Clockwise from Top-Left: Dr. Amrit Nehru, Sri Arjunan Sampath, the audience, Prof. Madan Goel, Dr. Rudranath Talukdar and cultural performance by youth

The key speakers for this year’s event included Dr.Amrit Nehru from the Kashmiri Hindu Foundation, Arjun Sampat of the Hindu People party from the Southern state of Tamil Nadu and Dr.Madan L.Goel, an Emeritus Professor of University of Florida. The speakers spoke on a variety of issues concerning Hindu community of the present day.

Dr.Amrit Nehru spoke on the topic of “Kashmir-Past and Present”. He spoke about the history of the state and its accession to India. He paid a glowing tribute to Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee & the late Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackrey. On the present state of politics in J&K he cautioned that appeasement of votaries of separatism must stop. 

Arjun Sampat spoke about the problems facing the Tamil Hindu population. Mr.Sampat spoke about the systematic suppression of Hindus and pressed the need for Hindus to stand united and strengthen themselves politically. He also stated that speaking for the Hindu cause anywhere in India may not be safe and may be met with fierce opposition.

Dr.Madan L.Goel, spoke on the subject of “India’s fractured electorate”. Dr.Goel said that the present Indian democratic setup modeled after the British system is ill-suited to India. Demonstrating how an en-masse voting minority can easily be kingmakers in a multi-party set-up. Pointing out the irony that in most of the elections, more people voted against rather than for the winning party, he advocated a major re-structuring of Indian system to make it truly democratic.

Dr.Rudranath Talukdar, President of the Hindu Mahasabha gave an overview of the goals and agenda of the organization and laid down the reasons a Memorial Day is celebrated on 15th August.

Following the speeches, there was a brief Q&A session where the speakers answered probing questions from the audience with insightful answers. Also, children performed a skit dressed up as some of the eminent freedom fighters and depicting the struggle with moving images from India’s freedom struggle.


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