Vishwa Hindu Parishad to host Sant Sammelan during ongoing Kumbh Mela in Nashik


Nashik, Aug 27 (PTI) The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) plans to host a Sant Sammelan during the ongoing Kumbh Mela in Nashik and Trimbakeshwar, it was officially announced here yesterday.

The event will discuss Ramjanmabhoomi, religious conversions, population control, cow slaughter and other issues VHP general secretary Venkatesh Abdeo said, at a press conference yesterday.

The event will see around 150 sants including mahants, shankaracharyas, jagatgurus and other seers will held at Trimbakeshwar at Juna Akhada, where the agenda on the above stated lines will be decided.

The meeting will be held at Janardhan Math on September 6, where resolutions will be passed, Abdeo said.

Abdeo said that the Ramjanmabhoomi issue, needs to be taken to the next level so that a constitutional law is enacted to construct a temple at the same place.

“The temple and and Lord Ram are subjects of national pride and we want all to accept them as national identities.

For this a pressure group needs to be created and all these matters will be discussed,” Abdeo said.

The VHP leader said that petrodollars are being spent on matters like “love jihad”.

“Our young girls are being lured, converted used and thrown.

The only intention is to increase their population and such designs need to be stopped through an anti-conversion law and a population control law,” Abdeo said, adding that Hindus have adopted family planning in the interest of the nation but others do not follow.

He said that as a result, the Hindu population has been declining, which needs to be stopped through law.

The VHP leader said that a national ban on cow slaughter is essential to restore the ecology.

“Research has proved that gomutra or cow urine has medicinal properties.

Cow dung is the best organic manure and therefore it is important to save the cow,” Abdeo said.

Source: Niti Central