Hindu Rashtra will be achieved through a Socio-Cultural Revolution

2nd-day-abha1Felicitation of Prof. Shivkumar Ohja on the Day 2 at Hindu Adhiveshan in Goa.


PunalekarHENB | Ramnathi (Goa)| June 20, 2016::  In the evening session of the first day (19.06) and first session of second day (20.06) of the 5th All India Hindu Convention, many dignitaries presented their views to strengthen the process of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat within 2025. The Secretary of the Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar (Bombay High Court) said, “For creating awareness about establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’, not much time is at our disposal. In such a situation, instead of limiting the fight on the issues such as cow protection, Love jihad etc., it is essential also to fight for social problems being faced by Hindus. Today, every citizen is beset with corruption and exploitation practised at Government level. It is necessary to begin legal struggle by uniting victimised people. These very people will unite and establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ in the future. In the social revolution, efforts will be made to improve more and more the prevalent corrupted system”. Adv. Punalekar appealed to get active by getting united against the undesirable attitudes in the fields of health, educations, Government offices etc.
In the Judicial system of the ‘Hindu Nation’, justice will be equal for all ! –Adv. Vishnushankar Jain, ‘Hindu Front For Justice’ Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
 adv_vishnushankar_jain_320Adv. Vishnushankar Jain of ‘Hindu Front For Justice’ from Lucknow spoke on the subject of ‘The effective role to be played at the Judicial level for protection of Dharma.’ While speaking on the subject, he said that today the use of Clause No 19 of the IPC  is being changed to suit the convenience of an individual. Mr. Kamalesh Tiwari has been arrested under National Security Act for having made statements that hurt the religious sentiment of Muslims and imprisoned unlawfully for the past 7 months; however, Azam Khan and Akbaruddin Owaisi are not being arrested after having hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, and they have been granted anticipatory bail too. Today, some advocates plead that ‘the original draft  of  the  Constitution  cannot  be  changed  relying  on Kesavananda  Bharathi  case.  In  reality,  the conclusion was drawn by just one among the 13 Judges of that case. Such issues are cunningly used to keep the Hindus in the dark. This falsehood in the Judicial system will be avoided in the ‘Hindu Nation’ and there will be equal justice for all.
‘Bharatiya Culture’ should be taught in the Universities throughout the world as a subject !’ – Prof. Shiv Kumar Oza

shivkumar_Oza_C‘Bharatiya culture is based not only on logic but also on scientific evidence. Bharatiya culture decides the objective of human life. No other culture talks about the objective of human life. Bharatiya culture imparts Knowledge of main Principles of the Universe. It teaches the entire universe the worldly brotherhood. Vedas possess the treasure of Knowledge beyond the intellect. The subject of ‘Bharatiya Culture’, which is a storehouse of Knowledge and guide for obtaining everlasting Anand (Bliss) should be taught in the Universities throughout the world’, appealed Prof. Shiv Kumar Oza from Thane, Maharashtra. He was speaking at the session on the topic of ‘Culture and protection of Dharma’, on the second day of the 5th All India Hindu Convention organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti at Ramnathi Temple, Ponda, Goa.

To counter Love Jihad, education on Dharma is essential ! – Adv. Ranjana Agnihotri

Adv. Ranjana Agnihotri of ‘Hindu Front for Justice’, Lucknow, UP guided on remedial measures to be taken for the menace of Love Jihad by narrating the dread of the danger. She said, “Love Jihad is a social demon. The illegal religious conversion of Hindus by the Muslims has become a challenge for Hindus. The perverse form of this religious conversion is ”Love Jihad”. Muslim boys, feigning Hindu identity lure Hindu girls in love. Hindi films also play a major role in increasing the cases of Love Jihad. Hindu boys and girls treat Muslim actors as their idols. Therefore, Love jihad is being promoted. Love Jihad is a sinister conspiracy to destroy the Bharatiya culture and the remedy on this is to impart education on Dharma to Hindus”.

Telangana’s Advocate K.V. Raman Murthy enlightened on how the Act of Right to Information can be effectively used for the protection of Dharma.


Sadhvi Rekha Behanji of Santshri Asaram Bapu’s Yog Vedanta Samityexplored the reasons behind the Congress conspiracy  to defame the Hindu saints of India. She told Congress in India has been working as agents of some foreign agencies to promote conversion. As Asaram Bapu tried hard to expose and nullify the conspiracy of conversion, it was congress to send him behind the bar with false allegations. She also urged a Dharmik revolution to change the situation to make a Dharma Rashtra in Bharat.

Sadhvi Tanuja Thakur of Vedik Upasana Peeth inspired the delegates to intensify the movement of Hindu Rashtra with  full devotion to the Almighty God and the blessings of spiritual leaders of Bharat. She clarified the movement of Hindu Rashtra is more spiritual than political. In a Hindu Rashtra the politics will be controlled by spirituality and spiritual leaders and on the tenets of Humanism and not obviously by the corrupt politicians.


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