Hindu temples attacked near India-Myanmar International Border

Punjab News Express
IMPHAL  : A Hindu temple on the Indian side of the India-Myanmar International Border was attacked on Wednesday, causing concern among local officials and people.

The second largest temple in the Northeast — and popularly known as Shiva temple — was attacked with a powerful remote-controlled bomb around 8.45 a.m, police said. No casualty was reported.

The temple was inaugurated over 18 years ago by the Tamil Sangam Moreh in association with the trading community settled at Moreh, Manipur’s border town. The town has a mixed population of Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

Troopers of 11 Assam Rifles and local police rushed there soon after the blast.

Electric bulbs, water tankers, window panes and some of the temple walls were damaged in the blast, a Brahmin attendant of the temple told IANS.

Temple authorities said there was no monetary demand from any militant group.

Police said security measures have been beefed up in the border town.

On Sunday, another bomb exploded near the Nepali temple on the Myanmar side, intelligence sources told IANS.

The temple is located 500 metres away from the Namphalong international market, frequented by Indian traders and tourists.

“We do not know why we are being targeted,” said the temple authorities.

Source: Punjab News Express