As India celebrated Navratri, Hindus of Bali observed ‘Day of Silence’

As India celebrated Navratri, Hindus of Bali observed 'Day of Silence'

Bali: As India celebrated the onset of nine-day festival of Chaitra Navratri (which marks the beginning of the New Year as per the Vikram Samvat calendar) on Tuesday, Hindus of Bali observed the ‘Day of Silence’.

While most New Year celebrations around the world are marked with firecrackers, parties, and cheers, Hindus celebrate Nyepi, the Balinese Hindu New Year, ‘silently’.

This is the time when everything comes to a grinding halt.

Nyepi is a Hindu celebration observed every year as per the Balinese calendar.
The day holds huge significance for Hindus on the island as it is the time for self-reflection and meditation.

Activities such as travelling, watching television, or working are restricted from 6 am to the next 24 hours.

The island remains dark on this day as no lights are turned on.

Also, nobody is permitted outdoors. In fact, entry into and exit from Bali is also not possible as the airport itself is closed.

Once the 24 hours are over, the Hindus celebrate the New Year by meeting their relatives and neighbours, and enjoy traditional Balinese delicacies.

Source: Zee News