Hindu’s Guruvandan Program held in Bangalore


Hindu Mahasabha S Pranavanand Swamiji speaking

A Guruvandan program was held in Ram Murthy Nagar in Bangalore on 14th September. Shri. Pramod Muthalik (Founder, Sriram Sena), Shri. Shivakumar Reddy (Bangalore coordinator, Sriram Sena), Sri Sri Pranavanand Swamiji (Bharat Kranti Sena), Shri. Ramesh Guruji (Adyatmik Sanstha), Shri.Rajashekar from Kerala, Advocate Amrutesh, Shri. Sunil and Shri. Ajay Patil (of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti) were present.

Shri. Rajashekar was gifted a Sanatan Panchang (Malayalam)

Shri. Rajashekar discussed the issues being faced by Hindus in Kerala. He laid out the various problems being faced due to the increase in number of fanatics in the state. The move to create the Guruvayur Rail line is being opposed by fanatics there. The sacred Sabarimale pilgrimage suffers due to paucity of facilities and funds. He said that a revenue of over 300 crores is generated every year from Sabarimala temple alone, despite which the Government does not try to improve facities for the Hindu pilgrims. Shri. Rajashekar visited the stall put up by HJS and purchased some literature. He was gifted a Sanatan Panchang (Malayalam). 

Shri. Pramod Muthalik

Shri. Muthalik spoke about the various problems of Hindus such as cow slaughter, love jihad and government takeover of temples. He said that organizations like Popular Front of India are already on the Government scanner, yet the Governments dont take any action. However these governments are trying hard to impose a ban on Sriram Sena which is striving hard for the welfare of Hindus. He proclaimed that the Sriram Sena will legally fight the unjust ban and that all pro-Hindu organizations have a united stand on this. Speaking on the topic of Hindu Rastra he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is capable of bringing in a Hindu Rashtra and that we should all join hands to help this cause.

Bharat Kranti Sena – Sri Sri Pranavanand Swamiji 

Swamiji spoke about the recent incident of idol vandalism by fanatics in Ramnagar (near Bangalore). He also spoke of love jihad, cow slaughter. Lambasting Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah for raising the issue of a ban on Sriram Sena, he asked why the government is mum on the issue of PFI. He also said that why is it that only Hindu Organisations are being targetted? Madani from Kerala is under investigation in Terrorism related charges, but instead of being under lock and key, he is out enjoying free air in the name of medical treatment. Swamiji also raised the issue of the plight of Hindus in Pakistan. He said that this is the land where ShriRam and Shrikrushna lived and ruled; if there are problems that plague this land and Dharma it is our duty to fight and protect them. He said Hindus need to unite and fight against these problems.

Shri.Ramesh Guruji

He spoke about the lack of Dharmacharan among Hindus. He said that parents instead of teaching the children about our glorious Dharma, talk about movies and films stars. Children today are ignorant about our great Gurus/Sages and valorous kings, but they know which movie has which ‘star’! He said that if this situation has to be changed we should practice our Dharma. He also voiced his displeasure at the government’s proposal to ban Sriram Sena.


1. More than 90 people including women, participated in the program

2. People showed great interest in the Love Jihad book published by HJS.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat