Hindu’s Holy Cow’s head act the work of insecure men

Fair Play: To all Malaysians from the Hindu/Indian Malaysian community, here is the really, really good news about Hindu culture and civilisation.
The act of this particular individual is uncultured and barbaric and calculated to inflict maximum damage or to provoke the Hindu/Indian Malaysian community. But there is no need to speculate why he acted the way he did because the right-thinking rakyat already knew.
The fatal flaw of his action is he did not take into consideration of the 4,000 plus years of Hindu culture and civilisation which taught its people to be stoic and wise.
Oriole: Well, there is a pattern of behaviour here with cows and their heads that seems to point in a particular direction.
By the way, what’s this obsession with cows and the need for such cruelty to animals? Is there some psychological fetish that this ‘celaka’ lot suffer from?
This is definitely not a humane culture and it’s definitely not faith. It’s the work of petty, insecure men who have no control over their own emotions. And it demonstrates why such people are unqualified to lead a country.
Survivor: If it is a non-Umno Baru supporter who did it, the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) will be seen to be very efficient in their action.
In most of the circumstances, it would not be too difficult to link these types of activities to extremists on both sides of the political divide. But who are more likely to cause this to happen?
You judge for yourself. No peace loving people or those with sanity will resort to this type of activity.
Mosquitobrain: Sorry, but the instigator and whoever do it, I’ve to use that crude word “celaka” and “kurang ajar”.
Today this ‘celaka’ and ‘kurang ajar’ individual may throw a cow’s head. Who knows what he will throw tomorrow. When will this end?
Don’t these people feel remorseful and shameful for themselves, their community and religion for this barbarian act? Also, I wish all Malaysians would practice restraint in all their endeavours.
Waktamnoko: Now who is actually responsible for this? Most of the postings in Malaysiakini concluded that Umno and the Muslims was responsible. Do they have the proof? None. Just allegations and insinuations.
This is typical of most opposition supporters – making accusations without proof. No wonder they lost the recent by-election. Most of the Malays saw through their hypocrisy.
And one even has the cheek to ask, “What were the Muslims were trying to prove?” What was he insinuating? What makes he or she thinks that the opposition and its supporters were angels and were incapable of doing this to themselves? His level of intellectual thinking, or rather the lack of it, appalled me.
The stupidity and hypocrisy of most of the opposition and its supporters were the main contributing cause of what is happening to race relations in this country. They really should look at themselves in the mirror.
Anonymous_Ingrates: Waktamnoko, before you ask others to look into the mirror, have you yourself look into the mirror?
Samurai: It is simple mathematics. If a non-Muslim were responsible for any such act (as in the kids who had once defaced a mosque) they would be swiftly hauled up in a non-stop round the clock probe, mauled in public, threatened with citizenship withdrawal, and paraded on Utusan Malaysia front page for a good old round of chest thumping.
Strangely, we have seen none of the suspects in all the many past cases caught and charged, even when they are caught on camera.
And to make it worse, instead of vehemently denying one is responsible (as one might do if wrongly implicated for an act such as this), they are gloating. You don’t need a Sherlock Holmes to deduce.
Proarte: These Umno-inspired terrorists will probably be now sourcing a pig’s head to throw into a mosque during the start of Ramadan.
They thrive on promoting hatred between races and religions. It is similar to the modus operandi of ISIL, which PM Najib Razak has exhorted Umno Malays to emulate.
Gerakan slams Zahid for condoning cow-head attack
What if somebody throw an animal’s head in front of Isma guys’ house?
This is the problem of our country, instead of enforcing the law, the enforcer encourages and condones selected groups and race for acting against the law. How would you feel, Mr Home Minister, if you are a Hindu follower?
Tholu: Now, what more words do we need from a minister to conclude incontrovertibly that this government is an administration of circus clowns who do not have the slightest clue on how to run a country?
They would be incapable even to maintain good order and discipline in a mixed race school classroom.
Imagine a teacher telling one of his racially victimised pupils that he deserves the abuse by the perpetrator of the victimisation since he had hurt the feelings of that person. Would a responsible, fair-minded, and unprejudiced teacher do that?
And Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is the home minister of our nation – a home minister who would fail miserably to even maintain and protect the peace and harmony of a classroom of 40 pupils due to his imbecility and arrogance and flagrant racial bias.
Aries46: Penang Gerakan’s Baljit Singh, one can expect such a retort only from an irresponsible and insensitive element and as you rightly said, it is an insult to all Hindus who revere cows as sacred.
But how do you tell that to one that feasts on it? And your admonishment is like pouring water on a duck’s backside since only recently you have taken your family ties to the next level by sealing it with a cabinet appointment for your president.
What could possibly be worse than that?

Source: Malaysiakini