HJS’ National Guide’s recent Nepal visit – A Brief Report


Man will behave like animal if he drifts away from Dharma ! 

– H.H. Dr. Charudatt Pingle, National guide, HJS

Nepal : Activities undertaken by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) are receiving a very good response even in Nepal besides many States in India. In this background, H.H. Dr. Charudatt Pingle recently paid a visit to Nepal. He met many local pro-Hindu activists between 5th and 8th September 2014. Brief report of the same is given below.


Dr. Govind Upadhyay, H.H. Dr. Charudatt Pingle, Ms. Sanu Thapa and
Dr. Nirmal Adhikari 
giving an introductory speech

H.H. Dr. Pingle was presented ‘Shaligram Panchayatan’ 
by Shri. Prakash Dhakal second from left and Shri. Om Shreshtha

5th September 2014 

Guidance given to students from Kathmandu University 

A lecture was given by H.H. Dr. Pingle on the subject of ‘Eternity of Hindu Philosophy’ to students of mass communications studying at Kathmandu University. Students studying in second and third year attended the lecture. There were 18 students. H.H. Dr. Pingle said, 

1. Undertaking spiritual practice is necessary for stability in life.

2. If quality of burning is taken out of fire, it will not remain as fire; similarly, if man is separated from Dharma, he won’t remain human.

3. Dharma will remain till there is last human being on the earth.
6th September 2014 

1. Talk on Kantipur FM  channel 

Shri. Janardan Dheemire talked to Pu. Dr. Pingale on Kantipur FM of Kathmandu radio station in which there were discussions mainly on possibility of establishment of Hindu Rashtra and how it will be established. 

2. Guidance at residence of Shri. Narayan Sharma of ‘Stop Animal Sacrifice Movement (SASM)’

Video CD of second all-India Hindu Convention held in Goa, India in 2013 was shown at the residence of Shri. Narayan Sharma of SASM. Prof. Dr. Mohan Kharel, a member of ‘Brahmin Samaj’, Nepal; Shri. Kedarnath Pathak, from ‘Art of Living’, Nepal, and Shri. Kunwantdas of Kabir Sect and few members of Srikrushna Pranami Sect attended the guidance. 

7th September 2014 

Discussions with members of Brahmin community of Nepal 

VCD of HJS activities was shown in the office of Brahmin community, Nepal and Pu. Dr. Pingale guided them. Shri. Dharmaraj Paudel, the President of Brahmin Samaj, Nepal; Shri. Narayan Prasad Paudel, its Joint Secretary and few members were present on the occasion. Shri. Abhaynath Koirala, Vice President of Brahmin Samaj, Nepal said to Pu. Dr. Pingale, “With your coming here, we felt as if God’s messenger has come.”
8th September 2014 

1. Visit to orphanage and guiding children 

Pu. Dr. Pingale paid visit to an orphanage run by ‘Dali Mahila Utthan Kendra’ and gave guidance to those children. 45 children from this orphanage attended the guidance; besides its manager Shri. Bheem Bahadur Kumar and Director, Smt. Rajani Vishwakarma. 

2. Guidance in ‘satsang’ at Narayan Ghat 

Pu. Dr. Pingale gave guidance during a ‘satsang’ held by ‘Satsang Seva Samiti’ at Narayan Ghat. Shri. Prakash Dhakal, a member of ‘Kendriya Samiti’, Nepal and ‘Satsang Seva Samiti’ did compeering of the program.

Pu. Dr. Pingale asked in satsang as to how many participants were ready to sacrifice everything for protection of Dharma; all participants raised their hand.

About 60 people attended the satsang.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat