HJS website grew rapidly on a global stage during December 2014


1. Website of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) crosses the count of 9 lakh visitors !     

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), a pro-Hindu organization is committed to the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra. It frankly publishes, at an international level the incidents of attacks against Hindus. During December 2014, the website had record-breaking visitor count and it crossed an important stage in its history of past 7 years when 9 lakh 48 thousand 33 people visited the website from all over the world.

2.  HJS’ ‘Alexa’ rating goes down exceedingly well by 8600 compared to last month !

The ‘Alexa’ rating of HJS website has gone down by 8600 compared to last month and it is now 43,261 (as on 4.1.2015) It shows that the popularity of HJS website is growing at a brisk rate. (Lower the number of a website as per ‘Alexa’ rating, more popular is the website. ‘Alexa’ rating being less than 1 lakh indicates that the website is more popular.)


3. No. of visitors of ‘Facebook’ page of HJS also increased !

The number of people visiting the website from its official FB page is more than 2 lakh 48 thousand which amounts to 26 % of the total number of visitors, that also underlines the influence of social networking.   

4. ‘News Section’ has largest readership !

‘News Section’ which creates awareness amongst people towards incidents of attacks on nation, Hindu Dharma and Hindus through publishing of relevant news had as usual large number of readership. This month 5 lakh 90 thousand people visited it worldwide.



‘O Srikrushna, please help us to always remember that the mission of establishment of Dharma is growing multifold through the medium of website only with Your Holy Grace. We express gratitude at Your feet for giving us an opportunity to render this service unto Dharma.’ – HJS Activists.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti