Justice for Hindus, Bangladesh Launches With Success


January 9th, 2015 – Justice For Hindus, Bangladesh Division has its first official meeting in Dhaka. From 10am-12pm, approximately 15 leading members of the newly formed organization met at the Planner’s Tower at 13/A Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road. Working under the auspices of an official US corporate organization, (Justice For Hindus, Inc.) the activists were able to assemble with a sense of security to initiate a better future for the Hindus of the nation.

Here are some highlights and photos from the event –

Opening Prayer 

The meeting was officially opened with a Hindu prayer. Hindus around the world understand the precarious situation of their brothers and sisters living in Bangladesh and the hardships they must endure on a daily basis. While JFH is dedicated to using hard work and intelligence to accomplish our goals of liberating Hindus from persecution and oppression globally, we also know that we need divine help on this quest. Our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh often ask us to pray for them, but now we will pray with them.

DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION HERE : JFH Bangladesh.Meeting.01.09.2015

Mr. Avijit Roy, National Co-Chair of JFH Bangladesh

The meeting presentation was delivered by Mr. Avijit Roy, National Co-Chair of JFH BD. Mr. Roy was originally scheduled to attend the meeting in person, but due to major transportation strikes in Bangladesh he had to deliver his presentation via skype. We are happy to have such dedicated and enthusiastic members who do not allow anything to get in the way of advancing the Hindu cause. With his signature impetuous manner, Mr Roy spoke to the gathered audience about the history, activities and goals of JFH.

The gathered young people were introduced to how our organization was founded in 2013 by a group of students and activists living in New York City who were called to take action against the brutality suffered by the Hindu people at the hands of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi governments, as well as Hindus being antagonized by similar elements within the nation of India and abroad. Since then our mission has broadened to include working for all Hindus internationally.

We support and advocate for the following objectives : 
1) Presenting the current injustices being enacted upon Hindus internationally. 
2) Informing the public of the history of invasion, imperialism, colonialism and anti-indigenism in South Asia and identifying their underlying ideological and political basis and 
3) Advocating for legal, social and political Justice for Hindus living in their native lands of the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

Justice for Hindus denounces violence and aims to achieve its objectives using peaceful means; such as petitioning governments, education and demonstrations. We are not affiliated with any political party or religious ideology and welcome all like-minded people to join with us in working towards Justice for Hindus. We want the Hindus of BD to know that they are not alone, that they have an international organization behind them and that Hindus all cross the world from India, to the USA, to Europe and Australia are not only here to listen and give moral support, but we are ready to take action to ensure their safety.

Mr. Roy also introduced the members to our website. Through our website we compile information and stories from Hindus across the world. We have contacts in many nations such as Pakistan, Nepal, India and Trinidad who send us news and information pieces. JFH uses our website to advertise events, meetings and to show the world our presence. Our website helps show others that we are internationally connected and gives Hindus a voice that is heard by all.

Introducing National Chair Pinaki Das

Pinaki Das, National Chair of JFH Bangladesh

At the meeting, Mr. Pinaki Das was appointed as National Chair of JFH Bangladesh. Mr. Das was chosen for the position due to his leadership qualities and his ruthless determination to help the Hindus of his nation. Mr. Das has been affiliated with JFH for almost two years now, he was one of the first Hindus from Bangladesh to come forward and offer his services. Mr. Das has a long history or organizing the Hindu community in BD for social justice, and so he is well known and widely respected. Like all Hindu activists, Mr. Das puts his life on the line for his community everyday, his bravery cannot be commended enough. Under his leadership, the following initial plan for JFH BD was presented :

“JFH BD groups are to created on the local level in each village and/or district and these local groups are to be networked on the national level. Central programs for all JFH local groups are to be designed and these are to be synced with the JFH Bangladesh national group. Regular meetings for local groups (monthly) and national level (to be determined) are to be planned. A system of reporting and activism at the local level is to be installed that reflects local needs which can then be sent to the national level for implementation and integration. We need to draw local members to national conferences where all local issues can be discussed and national/local plans can be presented. Mr. Pinaki Das will help appoint local leaders and form local committees and also arrange for national meetings and attract all local groups to these. Each local group must have a person responsible for sending in periodic reports on all activities and incidences that happen within their local districts. Each local groups must send in articles to be published in the JFH Website and have at least one member who can attend national conferences. Each local group must establish some sort of meeting space (does not need to be permanent or big) and must have JFH Banners for demonstrations and educational material to hand out. Each local group will have outreach programs to attract more members to the cause. Handbooks for how to run local/national level groups are being produced and will be sent shortly ”

Contact Person- 
Pinaki Das
Justice For Hindus Inc. Bangladesh Chapter
Planner’s Tower, Level-14, Suite-13
13/A Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Contact Number:
+88 01911012249
Skype: pinaki96
E-mail Address: 007pinaki@gmail.com

Brief Pep Talk From JFH International President Vincent Bruno 

The meeting was concluded with a brief pep talk by JFH International president Mr. Vincent Bruno via skype. Mr. Bruno assured the gathered members that they are not alone and that the world is looking out for them. It is understood that the Hindus of Bangladesh are in a very volatile situation, but times are changing and these days even westerners know what it is like to live under the threat of terrorism. Mr. Bruno was adamant that despite any and all danger, JFH would work hard to bring justice and security to the Hindus of Bangladesh. JFH BD is now linked to JFH International and we are all working together as one people, and we will not leave any Hindu behind.

In conclusion we would like to thank all the brave young Hindus who attended the launch meeting of JFH BD. Without you this endeavor could not be possible. We would also like to thank National Co-Chair Avijit Roy and National Chair Pinaki Das for all of their hard work and dedication in making this event a success and for all the work you will be doing in the future. Once again, please know that the world is with you and we will not stop until there is Justice For Hindus in Bangladesh.

Source : Justice For Hindus