Indian American Intellectual Forum Urges Indian Govt. To Dissolve ​Mamata Bannerjee Govt. & Est. President’s Rule

​​Indian American Intellectual Forum​ President ​​Narain Kataria

​​Indian American Intellectual Forum​ President ​​Narain Kataria



We have noticed with grave concern the increased spurt in the activities of radical Islamists in West Bengal since the installation of a state government led by Mamata Bannerjee.  Enriching the Imams with monthly doles  from state coffer has further emboldened the anti-national forces to carry on their diabolical designs  with more vigor and vitality.  This has made Kolkata and West Bengal the safe haven for the Islamic terrorists and a dangerous place for  peace-loving  citizens of India.  

After the initiation of legal process to punish the Islamic Fundamentalists and Razakars associated with the genocide of 1970-71 in Bangladesh  by Sheikh Hasina, West Bengal has become a safe home for fugitives from Bangladesh.

These pro-Pakistani elements in collaboration with Islamic fundamentalists of West Bengal and Mamata Government  organized a mammoth rally in the center of Kolkata demanding dissolution of Tribunal created for the trial of culprits of mass murders in 1970-71.  The participants of that rally carried banners demanding ‘hanging of Hasina’ and release of  Bangladeshi Islamist leader  Ghulam Azam who was sentenced to 90 years in jail for his involvement in mass killings and rape during the war with Pakistan.

The person who gave that rally most publicity through his daily newspaper ‘Kalam’ has recently been rewarded by Mamata nominating him in the Indian Parliament.  

 In this connection, it would be worthwhile to note that the state government did not permit  to hold any rally in support of Shahbag Movement in Dacca, where masses protested  against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh.  This is a glaring example of  Mamata Government’s connivance and complicity in support of radical Islamist groups in Bangladesh.

The infiltration of Islamic terrorists all over the state has been exposed by the explosion in an ‘ammunition depot’ in Bardhaman, West Bengal on 4th October, 2014.  When people of West Bengal were celebrating Durga Puja these Razakars were busy manufacturing bombs to  mutilate  and murder in cold blood innocent citizens of West Bengal.

 It cannot be a coincidence that a part of  the building storing explosives also is being  used as the election office of  Trinamool  Congress,  the party of Mamata Bannerjee.   It is widely believed in West Bengal that several Madrasas extolling the virtues of violence, savagery and  extremism were involved in this plot. 

It is shocking to note that the state government is busy in destroying key evidences with a view to shelter and protect Jihadists. 

In order to ensure a thorough and impartial enquiry into the sheltering and arming the members of Jamaat-e-Islami  of  Bangladesh in India,  we urge Hon. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India to immediately bring West Bengal under President’s Rule and dissolve the assembly.


Narain Kataria