Invitation to Talk by Tamil Nadu’s Hindu Activist-Scholar Arjun Sampath in San Jose-Bay Area (TODAY and TOMORROW)


unnamed (1)unnamedVanakkam. Namaskaram.

Please share and kindly participate in this weekend’s two upcoming events by Sri. Arjun Sampath in the Bay Area, California:

I. Tamil Talk on “Beauty and Significance of Tamil Scriptures” (“Tamil Marain Azhagum Porulum”) organized by Bharathi Tamil Sangham at Rajarajeswari Temple Hall, San Jose, CA – TODAY, Saturday, August 22 from 2 PM to 4 PM (Poster below)

II. English Talk and Panel Discussion on “Challenges to Hinduism and Hindus in Tamil Nadu & Remedies” organized by Hindu Mahasabha at Sanatan Mandir, San Bruno, CA – TOMORROW, Sunday, August 23 from 1 PM to 3:30 PM (Poster below)

Brief Biography:

Sri. Arjun Sampath is a dynamic speaker, scholar, intellectual and well-known grassroots Hindu activist for the past 30 years, with a focus on Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka and on a relentless mission to unite Hindus from all castes, sects and strata of society (irrespective of his/her social or economic status)..

Coming from a RSS Pracharak background in Tamil Nadu, Arjun Sampath ji is the President of the grassroots Hindu youth organisation “Hindu Makkal Katchi” (Hindu People’s Party) which is performing phenomenal work since 1993 by:

1) Providing Spiritual Reinforcement and Reviving Physical Protection of Hindus in Tamil Nadu who are under increasing threat from Islamic Jihadi organisations, Evangelical Missionary NGOs and Dravidian Hate-mongering Groups.

2) Actively Conducted “Ghar Wapsi” (Reconversion) of 6000 Christians/Muslims back to their ancestral Hindu Dharma.

3) Combating the devious propaganda of Dravidian Supremacist Groups (and their Church-funded Masters) against Hindu Dharma, Hindu Temples and Hindu Scriptures.

4) Removing the Trust Deficit between different castes, sects and sections of Hindu society in Tamil Nadu

5) Protection of Hindu Women, Socio-Economically Weaker Sections of Hindu Society, Cows, Temples and Propagation of Hindu Dharmic Awareness among the masses.

6) Working for the upliftment and protection of Hindu Minority of Sri Lanka who are suffering under well-orchestrated conversion campaign even after the civil war ended.

7) Speaking Actively and Articulately on various Tamil TV Channels/Media in Interviews and Debates to Mould Public Opinion in favour of Hindutva. Please see these Videos of Arjun Sampath

8) Organizing Conferences on Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyas (Traditional Medicine)

9) Running Ambulance Services and serving the needs of poor Hindu victims of accidents, riots and other tragic incidents.

10) Uniting Bharat from Kanyakumari to Kashmir – by taking a delegation of young Hindu activists from Tamil Nadu who travelled with him to Jammu & Kashmir and participated in Amarnath Yatra and met/bolstered the morale of Indian Army Troops in Kargil.

11) Removing regional distrust and linguistic alienation from the minds of Tamil Hindu masses by encouraging their participation in Nationwide Hindu events and Hindu Conferences in other parts of Bharat.

12) Creating a Transferable “Hindu Votebank” by mounting a Statewide Campaign in all 234 assembly constituencies of Tamil Nadu before the upcoming elections in April 2016 (barely 8 months away).

As a result of his pro-active Hindu work, Arjun ji and his fellow leaders of Hindu Makkal Katchi are on the hitlist of Islamic terrorists and there have been several attempts on their lives.

In recent years, in Tamil Nadu, 138 Hindu Leaders have been brutally killed in broad daylight in public by Jihadis who have also executed serial bomb-blasts killing over 100 Hindus in Chennai, Coimbatore and 3 Trains (from Chennai to Tiruchi, Erode and Thrissur).

Sri. Arjun Sampath is an inspiring, self-effacing and tireless grassroots leader who has been striving relentlessly for the Hindu Renaissance in Tamil Nadu – a state that has been devastated by vehemently anti-Hindu governments, causing the Hindu population to plummet to 75%.

Many Hindus don’t realize that Tamil Nadu has a crypto-Christian population of 19% and a Arab-wannabe population of 6% – both of whom have teamed up to inflict a double whammy on Hindus by usurping reservation benefits and by inflicting humiliating apartheid in minority-run schools/colleges, economic deprivation, land-grabbing, perennial conversion of Hindu women and poorer Hindus; apart from violent riots/bomb-blasts/murders of the hapless Hindus.

There are definitely ways in which Hindu NRIs, especially Tamil NRIs, can synergize with Sri. Arjun Sampath’s grassroots work of awakening the Hindu Consciousness of the Hindu masses living in Tamil Nadu’s cities, towns, villages, slums and kuppams (coastal fishing villages).

My apologies for this unsolicited email. If you would like to use a different email address or would like to be removed from this email list, please let me know.

Looking forward to your ideas and participation in protecting, preserving and propagating the priceless Hindu heritage of Tamil Nadu,

Source: WHN Media Network