Join the cause of ‘Akhand Bharat’: VHP tells youth

vhpThe thought of undivided India continues to haunt right-wing activists. And keeping this in mind, right-wing groups will launch a drive — Akhand Bharat — to motivate youth for the cause.
The drive, to be launched around the Independence Day, will also motivate youth of the country to think of undivided India to ensure that there was no further division on any ground and to get the countries that had ‘seceded’ back into its folds.
Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s kshetriya pracharak Rajesh Tiwari said, “When Jews can get back Israel after 1,800 years why not we? Through map of ‘Akhand Bharat’, in which Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Myanmar are shown as parts of India, we would motivate youth to join the cause.”
Besides, youngsters would be informed about rich history of India and how they could protect the unity of India. They would be administered oath of protecting India from any further division.
An office bearer of Bajrang Dal said, “We are posed as negative organisation among youngsters. But we would inform the youth that we are working for good cause. Our sole goal is patriotism and to save India and its culture.”
They said another motive behind the campaign was to instil a feeling of patriotism among youth for 365 days instead of showcasing their patriotism only on August 15 and January 26.
Durga Vahini regional president Kirti Dixit said, “The things have not been finalised yet. But under the Akhand Bharat campaign, we will hold seminars to inform youth about Indian traditions and culture, besides what is the reason behind India’s division.”
Durga Vahini is the female counterpart of the Bajrang Dal.
“We will also inform them about threats which can divide the country further,” she added. “In the seminar, a question-answer session will also hold so that students could clear their doubts and enhance their knowledge.” The seminar will be held in colleges and hostels, she said.