BJP leader H Raja rubbishes Isha Yoga controversy, says land belonged to Hindus

As the plot of the Isha Yoga controversy thickens, BJP leader H Raja visited the Isha Yoga center in Coimbatore on Wednesday to express solidarity with the institution. Speaking to reporters, he said the land originally belongs to the Hindus and that Hindus could do what ever they wanted to do on that land.

“Hindu religion is the most sensible religion. We don’t say we can assure a job in the gulf unlike other religions. We provide service by helping develop intellect instead of telling people they will get something if they convert to a religion. Hinduism shows the way to attain salvation,” he said.

Nearly a week after a couple alleged that their daughters were being held captive by Coimbatore-based Isha Yoga Centre, another parent has filed a petition with the District Collector alleging that her 32-year-old son is being tortured and forced to stay in the foundation against his will. 

H Raja believes it is the work of deviating Hindus from Hinduism. “In this a normal domestic issue, where both parents have brought their children here, how can they suddenly allege all of this now? Writing anything and everything about Isha Yoga is a trend now, and everyone wants to attack Hinduism. To respond to any and every claim is a waste of time for Swamiji (Jaggi Vasudev). This is equal to libel and he can easily issue proceedings against them,” he said.

Asked what he thought about the claims of environmental violations, he said – “This world original belong to the Hindus, we have only accepted people from other religions. People will say anything out of urge to convert. This is our Hindu land. Even the IIT campus has two temples, and people have asked them to remove it. This is the work of those who want to convert people. No one else. It is Hindu land.” 

Though popular as a spiritual-yoga-meditation destination for people from India and abroad who revere its founder Jaggi Vasudev as their guru, this high-end spiritualism centre remains an eyesore for environmentalists and informed locals.