Know the importance of ‘Tulsi mala’

Know the importance of 'Tulsi mala'
Zee Media Bureau/ Dhriti Sharma

New Delhi: A garland made from the holy basil plant, holds immense importance in Hinduism.

It is a cleansing and pious beaded garland to be worn by worshippers. Mostly ‘Tulsi mala’ is seen worn by ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Krishna’ devotees and Buddhists prefer the black ‘Tulsi mala’. It is often used for chanting mantras and even meditating. ‘Tulsi’ beads are not only medicinal but help in cleansing the mind and soul.

Considered sacred in Hinduism, ‘Tulsi’ plant is worshipped for the well being of families.

A ‘Tulsi mala’ can easily be found for you to wear but to maintain the chastity of it, one is advised to avoid garlic, onion and non vegetarian food while they are wearing the garland.

If not worn, you can also use to chant the mantra and heal your being.

Source: Zee News