Law should be passed for appointment of Hindutva-vadis in management of temples : Adv. Govind K Bharatan

Adv. Govind K Bharatan

 Advocate Govind K Bharatan, Kerala said that, “Kerala is a land of temples. There are more than 47,000 temples in this State. Many important temples out of these, are managed by people who are against Hindu Dharma. The condition of temples in Kerala is grave and something has to be done. On the temple committee of Guruvayur Temple, a Christian named Jacob Tambi was appointed. When I filed a petition against it, he resigned on his own. We have been fighting legal battles against such things and removed anti-Hindus from managing committees of many temples. We will be filing a petition for passing of an Act under which Hindutva-vadis would be appointed on management committees of all temples in this country and expect that all pro-HinduAdvocates would join this fight.” 

“The rulers have an eye over the money and other valuable things donated by Hindu devotees in temples. Nobody knows how and where the money donated in the famous temple of Shabarimala goes and used. Every Hindu should take up the responsibility of protecting his temple and electing Hindutva-vadi persons for managing temples.”

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti