Maheshwari Hindu Samaj Delegation Met Gujarat Governor For Concern On Safety Of Their Community In Pakistan

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All India Federation of Dhat Maheshwari Samaj, Ahmedabad Thari Maheshwari Samaj Chairman Shri Arjunbhai Rathi, & office bearers Shankarbhai Kella & Rajesh Harani issued press briefing that,

Today(31.01.2018) high power delegation of Maheshwari Samaj having dignitaries Dr.K.D.Jeswani, Shri Vijaybhai Kella, Girishbhai Chaudhari, Shri Kishore Maheshwari, Shri Tansukh Rathi, Dr.Om Parkash & Shri Rajesh Harani met with His Excellency Shri O.P.Kohli Governor of Gujarat @ Raj Bhavan Gandhinagar .They submitted the Memorandum to Honourable Governor& discussed the difficulties faced by Maheshwari community in Pakistan & migration to India .

Dr. Om Parkash briefed about the present situation prevailing there in Pakistan. He told that on Jan., 5th 2018 two Maheshwari Hindu brothers were shot dead in broad day light in market @ Mithi Tharparkar Pakistan. Mithi town is dist. head quarters of Thar & Hindu majority area in Pakistan. There is systematic plan to forcefully evicts the Hindus from established business centre. There is no security & safety for the Hindus. Their temples are razed, girls are kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted to Islam, properties are snatched & occupied. Their honour is at stake.

Minority Hindus resident of Pakistan are leaving the country to save their honour, religion, life .Many are trying to migrate to India to save their religion & belief.

Thari Maheshwari community is originally from THAR desert – spread over both sides of Indo-Pak border. Our community member lives in all dist. of Gujarat. They have relatives there in Pakistan.

Rajesh Harani told Honourable Governor about the migration of Hindus from Pakistan to India .He appreciated that Ministry of Home Affairs Govt of India has given many facilities to pak Hindu migrants for rehabilitation in India.MHA issued notification for power delegation to District Magistrates & State Home deptt. for issuing of citizenship certificates to eligible Hindu migrants .The validity of this notification is up to 23.12.2018.

Dr. K.D.Jeswani Ex Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) requested on behalf of Thari Maheshwari community to Govt. of India ,to communicate to Govt. of Pakistan through diplomatic & international channels to immediate arrest & punishments to murderers of two Maheshwari young brothers Dilipkumar & Chanderkumar. Also Pak Govt. give compensation of Rs.5 crorers to family of deceased & provide scholarship to children of hindu brothers till completion of studies .Dilipkumar s’ wife treatment for cancer be provided @ International institute abroad with expenses borne by Pakistan Govt..

Hindu community in Pakistan should be given special protection in THAR dist. & their century old religious places must be given 24X7 security.

Hindus including Thari Maheshwaris who want to migrate to India, request Govt. of India for doing needful.

1) Pak resident Hindus, who want to come to India ,should be given visa on priority basis. They have relatives in India.

2) Pak migrant Hindus , who come to India for permanent settlement , their children must be given admission in educational institutes on priority basis.

3) Minimum residency period for citizenship for Hindu migrants should be reduced to 3 years from 7 years.

4) All the pending applicants , should be given citizenship certificates in by DM Ahmedabad & Gujarat Home deptt before 15.02.2018.

5) Citizenship of migrant professionals by reducing minmum residency period to 1 year under sec. 6(1) of Citizenship Act.

6) The minimum residency period for Citizenship of spouse should be reduced to 2 years instead of 7 years, as per sec. 5(1) (C) of Indian Citizenship Act, 1955.

7) The procedure of submitting the applications of children of 1971 war migrants from Chhachhro Pakistan must be defined. Parents got Indian citizenship earlier. Children were left out due to ignorance. These children are of more than 45 years age & have no document.(submission of offline application along with Affidavit is suggested. Format of Affidavit is requested from Citizenship section MHA)

8) Permanent Registration of migrated Hindu Doctors with Medical Council.

9) Migrants Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Professors, Chartered Accountants, Management Consultants& other professionals should be given membership of their respective professional body by invoking Refugee Act. Presently they are facing difficulty in getting registration.

10) The definition of Indian Origin must be restored as earlier, means Person, Parents or Grand Parents born in Undivided India before 15.08.1947.

11) The Hindu Migrants from Pakistan should be issued NOC from Home Deptt. concerned to join Govt. office in Central/State Govt. as per Govt. of India Recruitment Rules.

12) Migrant Hindu children, who have got professional qualification from India & their citizenship application is under consideration, should be treated @ par with Indian professionals & opportunity should be given to apply for Govt. job. Their talent is wasted.

13) As there is shortage of doctors in Govt. hospitals. Govt. of Gujarat should employ, migrant Hindu doctors in their hospitals.

14) The MHA notification for Power delegation to DM & State Home Deptt. for citizenship is up to 23.12.2018.Hindu migrants requests kind honour to extends the same for two more years up to 23.12.2020.

Honourable Governor listened the grievances of community very carefully & assured that he will recommend to Respected Smt. Sushma Swaraj External Affairs Minister of India & will take follow up for early solution.

Shri Vijaybhai Kella thanked Honourable Governor & told that Maheshwari Samaj leaders will meet the Authorities in future also for solution of the community problems.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)