Nag panchami 2018: 20 years later, this is a coincidence, do not forget these 6 works on Nagapanchami

Today is Nagpanchami’s great honor. Some deeds and rituals where absolutely necessary are required on this holy occasion and some are forbidden.

Nag panchami 2018

Nag Panchami 2018 | Photo Credit: Instagram

New Delhi: On August 15, Nagpanchami (Nag Panchmi) is a great honor. On this day, his blessings are obtained by worshiping the serpent god. Rudrabhishek of Nag Devta has a special significance on this sacred occasion. The auspicious time of Nagapanchami will start from 03.27 to 27 minutes and ends on 01.11.2011 on 16th August. 

Nag Panchayat has special significance on this holy occasion. At the same time, some karma and rituals are extremely important, while some are forbidden. Let us know from this day that Surajitji Maharaj, a well known astrologer, knows what to do and what not to do on the day of Nagpanchami … 


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 Naga Panchami

On the occasion of Nagpanchami, this work should be done 

1. Rudrabhishek must be done on this occasion. Lord Shiva fulfills every wish of Rudrabhishek. 
2. Serve naga. On this occasion, the worship of Nag Devta should be done by the law. 
3. Feed the cobra. Make a silver or a ceramic coconut, and give him flowers, Kumkum etc. and give them milk. 
4. On this occasion, the Shiva Mandir must definitely go. 
5. Chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. 
6. Do not hurt anyone. 
7. Like the clarity of milk, take the resolve that from today onwards, the mind will be clean and white. 
8. Milk is a symbol of moon. The serpent is a symbol of Rahu. Chant the seeds of these two planets. 
9. People suffering from paternal defects should worship it today and donate the worship and urad of Rahu.

No day Nagapanchami day to do these things 

1. Avoid telling lies. 
2. Do not harm any snake. 
3. There is no mess anywhere in the house. Keep the house clean. 
4. On the occasion, there is wrestling in the villages as the development of physical skills, which is a symbol of how important it is to exercise and maintain good health. So abandon laziness on this occasion. 

5. Do not dispute anyone. 
6. On this occasion, there is a folk music. People are very similar to each other. So if you have ever been in dispute with anyone, then do not let them grow ahead.