North Carolina Students Honor Their Teachers

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, May 18, 2018 (India Life and Times): The Charlotte North and South chapters of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) celebrated the Teacher’s Appreciation Day (Guru Vandana) to honor the teacher community of Cabarrus, Charlotte-Mecklenburg counties in recognition of their service in educating and shaping the lives of kids. Around 30 teachers, professors, principals from several schools around Charlotte were honored in a grand ceremony that was attended by over 150 people. Several enthusiastic HSS volunteers, especially the kids of various age groups, entertained and honored their teachers in the traditional Hindu way.

The program started with a ceremonial lamp lighting and Ganesh Vandana (prayer to Lord Ganesha). HSS volunteers Mrs. Sudeeba Bhaskaran and Mrs. Sreelatha Das who were the emcees for the program welcomed the teachers and the audience and explained the relevance of lamp lighting and Ganesh Vandana. This was followed by an enthralling Kathak dance performance by Mrs. Toshi and Ms. Prachi to welcome the guests. Mrs. Ashwini Santosh (HSS Volunteer) in her welcome speech went over the importance of guru (teacher) in Hindu culture and how they are instrumental in shaping the lives of the students and the future of the nation. The word guru itself stands for Remover of darkness.

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Source: Hinduism Today