O, Hindus, be active to establish a Hindu Nation realising the pointless democracy

hindu rashtra

‘Karnataka State Government of Congress passed a Bill of taking Hindu’s Mutts into possession but later gave a decision of not implementing the Bill due to getting scared of the public fury. What a great decision of taking Hindu’s Mutts into Government’s possession and the ‘Childish’ reaction regarding it immediately after the decision ! With a view to avoid such childish decisions, the kings in the ancient times were governing under the guidance of the appointed Priests to serve the king.  These learned priests used to be experts in Theology (Dharmashastra), Politics, Science of logic (Nyayshastra) etc. Along with being scholars their intellect also used to be sattva-predominant (Sattvik) due to practising Spirituality. Therefore, their decisions used to be the most appropriate and beneficial for the subjects. Because of such hold of those priests (Dharmasatta), the governance used to be based on righteousness. As a result the subjects used were happy and contented.

Sandeep_Alashi_OCT_2011_ColourO Hindu brethren, for how long are you going to suffer devaluation of the present pointless democracy ? In order to create a righteous governance, there is only one ideal alternative, and that is, establishing a Hindu nation ! Do not forget that, yours and your future generations’ welfare depends on your active participation in the establishment of a Hindu nation. Hence give support to the mission undertaken by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha and fulfil your duty towards the nation and Dharma !’ – (H.H.) Mr. Sandeep Alshi (26.12.2014)

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat