(Photos) Muslim mob ​ ​violently ​attacks ​BJP Led Modi Victory Celebrations in Bijapur ​, Karnataka​

BJP leader B.G. Patil Yatnal and 3 other BJP activists (Umesh Kore, Parasuram Kenganal and Yellappa) have been framed and arrested in Bijapur (in Congress-ruled Karnataka) for celebrating the happy occasion when Sri. Narendra Modi sworn in as India’s 15th Prime Minister.
Footage of the Islamist mob violence, aired by local television channels, show it took place right outside the Gandhi Chowk police station in the heart of Bijapur city, which is located about 500 km north of Bangalore..

“There was too much confusion. I don’t know. The footage needs to be verified,” the officer said, when asked what Yatnal was doing.

In the visuals, heavily outnumbered police personnel are seen standing as spectators even as Islamist rioters run amok.

The police dispersed the BJP activists, but the Islamist mob continued the attack. Even as television cameras rolled live, the mob attacked the nearby police station and destroyed valuable Hindu-owned property in LBS Market.

The Islamist mob also damaged Yatnal’s office and a vehicle belonging to his relative. 
Muslim mobs go scot-free. How many Muslims have been arrested? 
Here is the photographic chronology of events:


Former BJP Union minister Basavanna Gowda Patil Yatnal (middle, front row) leads a victory procession in Bijapur on 
May 26, 2014 to coincide with the auspicious evening hours when Sri Narendra Modi was sworn in as India’s 15th Prime Minister. 
This procession had received prior permission of the police authorities.

BJP revelry turns violent, communities clash in Bijapur (Courtesy: HT)
The peaceful procession rejoices in the warmth of the electoral victory and sings the slogan “Acche Din Aane Wale Hain”.
But this armed Islamist mob (below) is waiting to ambush these unsuspecting Hindu processionists just around the corner in LBS Market.
The Islamist mob was swelled by numbers from neighboring Solapur (in Maharashtra) who had already entered Bijapur city with a clear intention of violence.
Bijapur clash 27 1
The well-planned Islamist ambush of Hindus takes the celebrating BJP supporters by surprise and they are seen rushing back to take cover.
Bijapur clash 27 1
One Islamist attacker gets surrounded, thrashed and pushed back by the Hindu processionists
Bijapur clash 27 1
The Islamist mob retreats after the Hindus fight back.
Police start a lathi-charge on the Hindus to force the procession to go back.
The law-abiding Hindu processionists pay heed to the police’s change in plans and leave the area, even though they had received prior police permission.
Bijapur clash 27 1
With the Hindu procession moving back due to police connivance, Islamists who scattered regain their confidence now and continue to gather (top left corner in photo below) without any intervention from police and prepare to start their rampage.
Police try to appease and beseech the Islamist mob which grows in numbers.
Bijapur clash 27 1
But the Islamist mob cares too hoots for the police’s plea and resumes its violence. The innocent Hindu shoppers and trapped passersby make frantic phone calls to loved ones.
The mob attacks savagely. This Hindu passerby lies bleeding after being stabbed by the Muslims:
BJP revelry turns violent, communities clash in Bijapur
Hindu-owned shops are attacked by the Muslims:
Hindu-owned vehicles (with Hindu stickers) were especially targeted for attack by the Muslim mob
BJP revelry turns violent, communities clash in Bijapur
BJP revelry turns violent, communities clash in Bijapur
 Bijapur clash 27 1
Finally, after requests go unheeded, a few lathi blows by police is enough to send the cowardly Islamists scurry and run for their lives.
Bijapur clash 27 1
Bijapur clash 27 1
Bijapur clash 27 1
Source: FHRS [USA]