Priceless Scanned Copy of “1921 Moplah Rebellion” Book (Attached PDF)


Please see the priceless scanned copy (PDF attached) of a nearly 100-year-old report/book:

“The Moplah Rebellion, 1921” 

It was written/compiled painstakingly by Diwan Bahadur C. Gopalan Nair (Retired Deputy Collector, Calicut, Malabar). This 240-pages book (in English) was published in 1923 and there are no print-copies available now.

This book/report describes in great detail about the Massacre, Horrific Atrocities and Forced Conversions inflicted upon Hindus by Mappila Muslims in Malabar (Northern Kerala) in 1921 during the Khilafat Agitation.
The gory details make the recent ISIS atrocities look like a picnic. That is the reason why Hindus are almost becoming a minority in Kerala today.
Please read the book fully and share/circulate wisely on Social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email) to all your friends and family. This book needs to be in every library and household in Kerala, India and Abroad.
Most people outside Kerala do not know much of the details about the “1921 Moplah Rebellion”. It is one of the most silent genocides that ever happened and the world does not know much about it. Please enlighten all your friends and family. Awareness will need to Activism. Activism will Ensure the Survival and Expansion of Hindus of Kerala.

Hello everybody,

I knew about the existence of a book- The Moplah Rebellion 1921 ; but couldn’t procure  a copy of it.

Today while browsing through the site-, I came across this book :’s+malabar+manual

I was extremely happy to get this book.

Please do read it.

It explains in detail what happened in Malabar during 1921

All the places known to us- Manjeri, Valluvanad, Thenhipalam, Mankavu, Chalapuram, Nilambur., Angadipuram…….. are mentioned .

I had heard of some gory incidents which elders in my family narrated….. but all those incidents pale into insignificance,  when compared to the macabre acts mentioned in the above book.

All of us Hindus , should read these incidents and know what happened to the people of our grandfathers’ / great-grandfathers’ generation  in  our own familiar places .

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