GHRD Invitation: Screening of Documentary on Forced conversion marriage of minor Hindu Girls

Download Attachment : GHRD Invitation for 12th Dec 2017

Atmeeya Bhagini & Bandhugan


For last several years, Minority Hindu Community in Pakistan is facing existential challenges and also serious Human Rights Violation in the form of forced conversion, forced marriage of girls and most of the time underaged girl, rape murder, brutality extortion etc. Global Human Rights Defence based at The Hague, Netherland is fighting for the Human Rights for the last fourteen years. This year they have made a documentary to sensitize the civilized world, International Communities, and Human Rights defender on the Forced marriage of underaged Hindu girl in Pakistan. Screening of the documentary is on 12th December 2017 at The Hague. Invitation brochure is attached. I am requesting all of you to support the cause and help the efforts of GHRD.

Yours in Dharma

Swami Vigyananand

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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)