Rajasthan : HJS creates awareness about attacks on Dharma, amongst youth

Zunzun (Rajasthan) : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) held 4 meetings at places like ‘Navin Gothada’, ‘Buhana’, ‘Kopar’ and Pacheri’; besides meeting with students of Vivekananda Poly-technique College of Rajota, to create awareness amongst people towards various attacks on nation and Hindu Dharma; taking place through different means and solution to the related problems.

Shri. Gajanan Kesakar, the State Convener of HJS for Rajasthan addressed the meetings which were attended by more than 200 devout Hindu Youths.

The meetings were arranged by Shri. Mukeshananda Maharaj at ‘Navin Gothada’ and Shri. Pravin Agrawal at Kopar; that too separately for men and women. Kum. Poonam Chaudhary of Sanatan Sanstha also addressed the meetings.

VCD shown on the subject of ‘Science behind different religious and social customs and traditions’ created lot of interest amongst the participants. They also visited exhibition held at the venues displaying Sanatan’s holy books, ‘sattvika’ products and boards on ‘Dharma-shikshan’.

Highlights : Devout Hindus from ‘Navin Gothada’ decided to meet regularly for discussing issues related to protection of Dharma. It was also decided to submit a representation to Superintendent of Police on few persons staying in their village which are suspected to be Bangla Deshi infiltrators so as to help the Government in their identification.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat