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August 2014

Dear all,Warm greetings on Rakṣā Bandhana, or Universal Oneness Day ! Rakhi

Rakṣā Bandhana is a day to remember our duties, to protect our families, the weak and the vulnerable in our society, our nation, and our world, for the happiness and prosperity of all.

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We encourage you all to reach out your local community, local officials, first respondents, your elected officials on this occasion and share the unique Hindu way to bring sense of oneness while respecting the diversity among everyone.

Sewa workshop in sangh Shiksha Varg

In a Sewa workshop in the Chicago area Sangh Shiksha Varg (SSV), fifty-seven Karyakartas helped local food pantry near Chicago to sort-out 17,000 pounds food in one and half hours

HSS-USA 25 Flyer

Wish you and your family the best on the occassion of Rakṣā Bandhana